This thing called LIFE.

Nope, not really talking about the magazine, or the cereal for that matter.

Talking about the actual instance of life and all the random karmatic shit that enters it and tends to test you and throw you for a loop.

So, my earlier blog post I rambled on about Pride and didn’t quite get to what was going on with me this past week. Well, let’s start with the end of Pride.

So, at Pride I had one beer, at about 1130 am. Not late at all, and I was home by 4:45 pm. So definitely sober as a rock. I then proceeded to sit at home and play some video games till I realized how hungry I was. I thought about cooking, but then decided the pizza place by my house had spaghetti as well and that sounded much better than my cooking did at the moment. I was feeling a bit lazy, so I decided to drive my car over to the restaurant and have a nice relaxing dinner. By this time it was about 7:50 pm, right as the sun was setting by where I live.

So on the way to the restaurant I’m driving into the sun on a road with trees on both sides, but none of them blocking the sun. Ever get that glare on your windshield from the sun where sunglasses don’t help, sun visors don’t work on, and you can barely see anything in front of you. Everything is really blown out and golden looking, yeah, that’s what I was driving into.

So, I had just done the brakes the day before, so I wasn’t trying to push them and was driving like a grandma, turn signals and all. I’m driving down a 40, slow to 10 to make my right hand turn away from the blinding rays of the firey ball in the sky, and as I’m making my turn and leave the blazing sun rays and enter the shade I can see again! But what’s this I catch out of the corner of my eye barreling down upon my car?!

A girl on a bicycle……. BLAM!

That’s right, a girl rode her bicycle into the side of my car. Now, when I texted everyone and told them what had happened everyone started laughing and cracking jokes. Till I sent them the picture of the dent with the girl on a stretcher in the background. Yeah, this girl FUCKED MY CAR UP! It seriously looked like I had been hit by another car. This girl was easily around 5’10” and close to if not over 200 lbs. and probably doing about 10 to 15 mph on her bike. Oh, did I mention that she was riding against the flow of traffic, and didn’t have brakes. Let me repeat that, SHE DID NOT HAVE ANY BRAKES!

Yeah, I was so irritated about that. I come running out of my car sprinting over to her and the first thing she says to me is “I would’ve stopped but I don’t have any brakes.” So, me freaking out with this girl laying on the ground crying calls 911 to have an ambulance come by and have the cops come. As I’m on the phone with dispatch an officer just comes rolling up and radios in to dispatch and gets everything rolling, pretty convenient. Even at the scene the officers were telling me I wasn’t at fault, but I was still stressing hardcore till I got the official filed report and saw that I wasn’t at fault at all! Which I’m super stoked on.

Here’s the shitty part. I don’t have full coverage on my car since I’d be paying out the ass to insure a “classic” car. Bull shit in my opinion, oh, and guess what, my insurance company doesn’t cover this. Technically they don’t see bicycles as vehicles of the road or her as an uninsured motorist. So, I got screwed on that one.

As it turns out, this girl is going to get stuck with some hefty medical bills….. ambulance ride, hospital visit fee, equipment fee for scans, and then you get a nice bill from the Dr. that’s separate from the hospital. Emergency rooms will destroy your financial life for the next 20 yrs. in 2 hours. Plus with me being not at fault in the police report, if the girl tries to file a claim with my insurance company, they’re going to flat out deny her because I was found not at fault. Which means she could sue me in small claims court, but form what everyone is saying I’d most likely win since the police report says I’m not at fault.

In return I’d probably sue her for the damage done to my car. Speaking of, should probably go get an estimate just in case lol Oh! I also got a B on my first test in my nutrition class! Not an A 🙁 But I’ll take it!

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