Happy Pride!

Errrr, well, Happy San Francisco Pride! I think some of the other cities have already had their Pride events, but there are also many more to come! Errr, in the spirit of things, cum!

So, SF Pride, it’s sure to be quite the awesome event with many eye pleasing people to take in and an always amazing parade, not to mention the over the top night life after all that 😀

If you’ve never been to a Pride event before, you’re definitely missing out! There’s going to be all kinds of fun things to do! I’m a big people watcher, so I like to walk around staring at everybody ;D Not judging staring, but enjoying what you look like staring ;D Or the outfit that you wore 😀

The Pride events have got quite the broad spectrum of individuals! Although it’s mainly a LGBT event, there are many straight people there as well who have either come for their first experience with the community or to come and show their support and love for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation.

And yes, I did put the B in LGBT. Well, not literally me, but I chose to include it. If this isn’t something you’ve come across yet, I’m very jealous. The B in LGBT stands for Bi-sexual. Soooooo, there’s definitely more than a handful of people out there who don’t think that bisexuality is real. They have no problem calling me or anyone else who is bi, gay for pay, even if they don’t do porn, and being just outright rude.

You see, it’s not just old white straight men who are prejudice, sometimes it’s members of the gay community as well. Which makes for a great lead way into the theme for this years San Francisco Pride events! Global Equality! I know this technically doesn’t fall into the “just Pride” theme category, but global equality is something that’s bigger than all of us and encompasses all the struggles in the world. True equality for human beings is kind of a “blanket” idea, which includes the basis of a Pride event. Acceptance and equality for the LGBT community. So I think they made a good choice with this year’s theme 😀

In case you haven’t noticed, that’s one of my biggest pet peeves is when I have some kid who works at starbucks with no college education or some prejudiced old guy stuck in his ways both trying to tell me that I can’t be bi, that I have to be gay or straight, and since I’ve never had a boyfriend before I must be straight. Great logical processes there guys, just saying.

Soooo, enough about me ranting, this is supposed to be about all inclusive, equality, and having fun! Sooooo, if you end up making it to SF this weekend, remember, it’s not about your point of view, it’s about everyone’s point of view, and ACCEPTING it, or at least politely acknowledging it ;D

Be safe out there everybody, wrap your Tooles!


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