The Tool in O’Toole

Welcome back to another rambling  blog post of mine of what I’ve been up to lately! Sooooo, the last event I went to was Gay Days at Parliament House in Orlando, Florida, and I had an AMAZING time!

So once I got back from Orlando, I came home to find that all of the tools had arrived! The time had come……..

To use them! Yes! That has got to be one of my favorite things about having a wide variety of tools, is getting the chance to use them and hone your skills. Or at least that’s why I enjoy them.

So let me start off with a big thank you to Cameron! He was kind enough to get me set up with an air compressor and tool combo, an impact wrench with impact sockets. Now, there’s no bolt or nut that will give me a problem in the automotive world 😀 Except for maybe an 18 wheeler lol

So what was my first project with it? Why changing the brake master cylinder on my car of course! Now, I didn’t necessarily NEED it on this job, but it was a great help regardless. I had all four tires off in no second!

From getting the car jacked up and fixed to all four tires on the ground it only took me about 3 hours to do it. It’s not too far off from a professional job, which isn’t too bad considering I did all this on the floor of my garage lol

The amazing part all this was that everything came apart amazingly well, no breaking things to get them out, which used to be a bad habit of mine. In the process of removing something I would usually break something else. I’ve since fixed that habit lol

Got the new master cylinder mounted up and connected in no time, the only real time consuming part was bleeding the brakes. The really need more of a flushing than anything, the brake fluid at the calipers was pretty dark. So once I get disc brakes on the front it’ll be a nice thing to do for the car.

It’s a love bug. It just needs someone to give some back.

I’ve finally got all the parts I need for the windows and the rubber seals! So my next big project starts next week, after the shoot. I’m going to replace all the rubber seals around the glass in the windows and the track the windows run on. So hopefully I’ll have some strong smooth rolling windows. Fingers crossed!

What I’ll really need the impact wrench for, is coming up though. I’ve got a front suspension rebuild in mind at the moment. Planning on replacing the upper and lower ball joints myself. Another $400-$500 job that I can do myself for half price or less.

So once again, thank you very much Cameron!

I have the next few weeks planned out pretty full with lots of garage time with me on my back lol

Wouldn’t you like to see that? ;D

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