Beginning of The End!

It’s the beginning of the end! No, not the end of the world and all that fun stuff, but the end of my participation of the NextDoor Tour and the beginning of my summer school session, but also the beginning of all of this summer’s wonderful Pride events!

Let’s start with the end first and then we’ll go to the beginning. So, the end, is in Orlando for me. This weekend we’ll be attending and performing at one of the hottest events in Orlando, the Gay Days celebration for 2012! What, you think I’m kidding? Well, not only will they have me, myself, and I, but Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero are making their appearances as well! But! Even bigger than us, is the pure talent that they’ve got coming in for your entertainment! Oh, yes, even bigger than Austin and my dicks ;D

Sooooo, last night was Sonique performing! Yep, the 90’s trance queen herself! Now, I’m a big electro music fan myself, so to see her perform was like watching a metalhead getting to watch the Rolling Stones or something. I know, I think I was in like elementary school or middle school when she was big and popular, but whatever, I still had fun lol

Tonight though, oh man, tonight they have got a performance for the ages! Guess who they got, just guess.

No? No guesses? Well, all right, I’ll tell you. It is, none other than, the great, Ms. Chaka Khan! RIght?! That’s what I said!

I can’t believe it myself, I’m pretty blown away by the fact that not only is she still performing, but more of the fact that she chose to perform for us! I dunno, she seems like such an amazing timeless artist that performing anywhere other than Vegas or the Madison Square Garden is beneath her, but hey, maybe that’s me just embellishing her image for her ;D

Either way though, I’m super excited to see her perform! It’s going to be quite a crazy night! But the fun doesn’t stop there, oh no, tomorrow night we’ve got another great performer gracing the stage of Parliament House! We’ve got none other than Mya! Yep, the sexy lady that does the Moulin Rouge music video!

When I saw she’d be performing there, first thing out of my mouth, “I want to have sex with her”. I’ve always thought she is a super sexy woman, so if the lucky sex gods approve, I might have a new claim to fame ;D

So, that’s the end, the beginning isn’t quite as interesting, well, my beginning. It’s just going to be summer school for me. I’ll be tied up for about two months taking a Food and Nutrition course for health care professionals. In my personal opinion, not quite a class I need to be taking, I’ve already got my dieting down pretty well lol

So that’s what I’ll be up to this summer, but you guys should have more fun! It’s the beginning of all the Pride events for the summer! You’ve got Toronto again, which never disappoints! San Francisco is coming up and so is LA, so don’t miss some of the biggest and best pride events this year guys! You’re going to have so much fun! I’m pretty jealous ;D

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