Columbus, Ohio! Are you ready?!

Yep, that’s right, you heard it! I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio tomorrow!

So, I’m pretty excited about this, I’ve never been to Columbus, much less Ohio before, so this is going to be a fun rare opportunity for me!

I’ve only ever heard great things about Ohio, so I know I’ve got a lot of great places and people to look forward to! Fun little fact, I’ve actually got some family that live out in Ohio.

So yesterday my brother was up from San Diego and we got to have dinner with our parents and our sister. An awesome night, I hadn’t seen my brother in quite awhile. So it was really great to see him, it’s odd how time changes everybody. He’s still the same person on the inside, but he’s changed so much on the outside.

So, I’m telling my dad that I’ll be headed to Ohio this weekend, and he asks me if I’m going to see my aunt. My response “I sure hope not!” We got a pretty good laugh out of it. My dad didn’t put 2 and 2 together that I would be going out to Ohio for work and not to be visiting family lol

That would be a bit awkward to be up on stage, shaking my money maker, get a tug on the shorts and turn around. Lo and behold, who do I see but my very own aunt lol That would probably mind fuck me forever lol

So, where in Columbus will you be able to meet me, you may ask? Well, let’s get you set up with that information right now!

Soooooo, you all know Axis night club? No? Well, you should! That’s where all the fun is going to be going down! The address is 775 N. High St…….. he heh heh, ahem* Sorry, I can’t help but giggle a bit whenever I see a “High St.” it’s like finding a “Token Ave.” or “Swallows Lane” or, or, or well, I think you get the idea. Wait, I’ve got one more. I had a friend who used to live at, shit you not, 69 Happy Lane. Oh yeah, I made him bring me a water bill to prove it ;D

If you’re visiting the area for Memorial Day, or you didn’t have the luxury of going off and taking a bit of a vacation of your own, then you have definitely got to come out Sunday night and join me in celebrating this weekend! It’s the beginning of the Summer season, why not start it with a bang?! I know technically the 4th of July is the whole “bang” start to the summer, but hey, why not start it just a month early. Know what I mean? ;D

So, I look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow night! Give me a chance to perk up, I’ve got to be on the road headed to the airport at 3 am tomorrow morning, so I might be a little sluggish when you first see me lol It takes a minute for me to wake back up after sitting on planes for so long. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely be “loads” of fun! ;D

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