Samuel O’Toole Book Club

Naw, I’m kidding, no not really.

Well, first let me tell you about my trip to Boston and then we’ll get to the “book club” portion lol

Soooooo, left SFO on Wednesday morning at about 7am to head out to Boston! I was super excited because I’ve never been to Boston before, and it’s portrayed as a really cool place. Plus, I’m kind of a history geek and I like brick architecture. Lo and behold, Boston is chock full of old brick buildings and history! One of the oldest cities in America, it gets to boast quite a few firsts.

The funny thing about this is, that most of the older locals that I met always seemed to have their own first fact about Boston. The guy bringing me back to the airport on the shuttle, probably about 70’s ish and he was telling me about how Revere Beach is supposed to be the first declared beach in the USA. I don’t know if it’s true, but I enjoyed it nonetheless lol

Soooooooo, we land in Boston and get picked up by a coworker of ours and he gives us a lift to the hotel. We didn’t have too many great food choices around us to choose from by the hotel, so we ended up going to Uno’s. I liken it to an Applebee’s…..

Soooo, after that we decided to head downtown a little early to check out the downtown area of Boston a bit before we had to head to the club. It’s a damn good thing we did that! So were headed down one of the tunnels downtown, and we’re about to pop out on one of the exits and his car stops running! Where we just continue to roll along until we gently come to a stop. Now, I’m sketched out, stalled on the freeway and cars flying by us, almost ran into a couple of times. I had my ass up on the median along the wall lol

We end up calling the police to come help us and get a tow truck called for us, which was really helpful of them even though they probably didn’t say more than 15 words to us. Actually really kinda weird, usually police are pretty sociable, always asking questions trying to slip you up ;D

Teasing, no I’m not, they do it πŸ˜€


So yeah, we get towed to the Police station, call a cab, take the cab to the club and make it with ten minutes to spare. I think we got pretty lucky with that one! πŸ˜€ When we were waiting for the police to arrive we were poking around under his hood, unfortunately when he went on vacation, som rats had decided to move in and nest on his car and chew on some wires. Shittay

Everything with the club went great, I had a blast there with everybody! Definitely would like to come back to Boston again sometime πŸ˜€

Ahhhhh, the book club. So, I was pretty reluctant to go see the Hunger Games because it kind of seemed like a child’s movie. Damn, was I wrong, well, at least about the book. I was pretty skeptical about it when I started seeing everybody reading it and everybody raving about the movie. Well, I finally broke down. When I was at the terminal i Β Boston about to come home I was perusing for a new book to read, I had quite the long flight home, about 5 or 6 hours. Long flight?! I’m sure that’s what most of you are saying, but yes, I’ve only ever flown around the states and never to Hawaii or Alaska.

So we’re flying along and I’m reading, and reading, and reading, and right as I’m finishing the last couple of pages, BUMP!, we land……. I read the whole book from start to finish on the plane. Short book, but very good, I didn’t want to put it down the whole time. We even had free tv and movies on the flight, Jet Blue rocks πŸ˜€

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