Busy Busy Bees

Yep, quite the corny title, but hey, it’s kind of how I feel. Like I’ve been flying around everywhere burning more calories than I’m taking in.

Wait a minute, I have been flying around everywhere burning more calories than I’m taking in!

I’m traveling this weekend with my buddy Mr. Johnny Torque, and we’re hitting up a couple of cities for the NextDoor Porn Star Tour! πŸ˜€

Let’s see, let’s see, how did this weekend start?

Well, it really all began Thursday evening Β when I picked up Johnny from his house, in one of the heavier rainstorms we’ve had in our area. I have no idea where all this rain has been coming from, but yeah, he only had to run 30 ft. to my car, and by the time he made it in he was already pretty moist and soaked. Ever get a wet person into your car and you can immediately feel the humidity change? Yeah, it was like that, all of a sudden we had a steam room going on in the front seat of my car. Minus the half naked men and towels.

So he doesn’t drive, and my car doesn’t like it when I put too many miles on it, so we decided to take the shuttle to the airport. The only shitty thing about that is, you have to wake up at an absurd time to take a bus to the airport. Our absurd time to wake up was about 2:30 am, after having passed out at about midnight. Our plan was to get super tired, and then sleep during all of our flights, which oddly enough worked out pretty well.

So we hop on the shuttle at 3:15 am, ride that bad boy all the way to the terminal, make it through security in about 5 minutes, one of the better reasons to have a flight that takes off at 6am. But! Having a flight that early to start with is ok, but ending your weekend with a flight like that, pure torture.

So our first leg of the flight takes to a short layover at Chicago O’Hare, then we got to head over to Baltimore for our event at Grand Central, which was a blast! I personally had an amazing time there, the crowd was great, the venue was pretty awesome, and the staff was on point! The staff at clubs generally don’t differ from the patrons too much, sometimes they tend to be pretty drugged up and intoxicated which can make business dealings a bit difficult. Such a professional atmosphere there, I loved it πŸ˜€

Got to do some great giveaways as well! We gave away a few DVDs, a few memberships, and a set of my FleshJacks as well! Some lucky individuals got to go home with a mouth, a butt, and my dick! πŸ˜€

We hopped onto a plane this morning in Baltimore, rode that bad boy down to Atlanta, for a random layover, and then headed up to Indianapolis, Indiana! What a cool looking place! When we were headed to the hotel, first thing I saw in the distance was the big ol’ Colts stadium looming off in the distance. I say looming because it’s been a bit muggy out here, alot of rain. So it just kind of appeared amidst the rain and the clouds, with an outline that dwarfed the skyline of the city in the background. It truly is an impressive building.

Didn’t get the chance to check out the race track, I’m more of a racing fan than I am a football fan, but hey, it’ll be a great excuse to come back and have some more fun here in beautiful Indianapolis!

Well, it’s time to get ready! We’ve got an exciting night ahead of us, where Johnny and I will be performing at Greg’s, or known as Our Place to a select crowd, and doing even more giveaways! I hope you guys get the chance to come out and visit with us! Keep an eye out for more events in the NextDoor Porn Star Tour!

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