Phoenix Forum: Round 2

Hey everybody! I’m back in Phoenix, Arizona again! I’m here this week for the always fun, Phoenix Forum!

It’s really a conference for the tech heads of all the industries major entities. For NextDoor, it’s an opportunity for us to make a bit of a difference. I’m referring to the $10,000 that was raised last year for the Until There’s A Cure foundation!

Yep, that’s right, we raised Ten Thousand Dollars by auctioning off the pairs of underwear worn by us “models” from a strip show/ strip tease that we did. ¬†Well, last year was a success, but still a bit rough around the edges. I think we only had 8 guys, a small stage, small room, small performance. But we still did great! We had a blast doing it, the people in the audience seemed to be enjoying themselves…. Well, I mean come on, from 16 pairs of underwear we raised TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! Sorry, just really excited and amazed still that we were able to pull that off.

So, needless to say, we have high hopes and expectations for this year’s performance at The Phoenix Forum.

This time though, we brought out the big guns. Not only do we have the site exclusive models this year, but we also brought most of the NextDoor Exclusive models and a few others as well. At one point I hear that we were going to have about 19 models for this year’s event. NINETEEN models! That’s going to be a lot of underwear to auction off! We’re supposed to have a larger room, more advertising for it. Like I said, we’ve got some high hopes for this year!

Now, not only did we decide that we were going to continue the NextDoor Studios hosted party at the Phoenix Forum, we’ll be attending a few off site events as well!

The first event is going to be held at a small Irish Pub in Tempe. I find this one a little odd lol I love me some Irish pubs, but I think we just chose this one as a meet up point for everybody interested in hanging out! On my schedule it has been dubbed the “Welcome Party”. Keep an eye out for that one, we should be tweeting about it tomorrow once it gets closer!

The second off site event is a stop on The NextDoor Tour of North America(USA & Canada) here in Arizona at BS West! Fun fact! The only bar I’ve been to in Tempe, BS West. The funny part is, the first time I was at The Phoenix Forum I was still very unknown and could get away with going into a mixed crowd club and be able to walk around. I can still get away with it, but for different reasons……..

I’m so short they can’t see me below everyone else lol and if they do it’s usually just a fleeting glimpse, and with a bunch of lights and strobes and drunk people it’s kind of hard to tell if it really is the person you thought you saw…… plus the other guys are all taller than me so you see them first ;D

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