Our Costa Rican Beach

Beach guys, beach, not bitch. 😀

So far we’ve had a blast at the beach here in Costa Rica, it’s a beautiful place, the beach where we go.

I was very surprised with how salty the water is down here! Maybe I’m just not used to eating waves when they smash into me. Usually when I’m in the ocean I’m far out enough to where I don’t actually get hit by breaking waves, so it makes it a lot easier to keep from swallowing a few gallons of it lol

The first day that happened, it worked me. Made me a little queasy, could barely eat, it was a little rough lol

That is actually the beach that we’ve been spending most of our time at, errrr, not spending, enjoying. Yeah, the beach we’ve been enjoying our time at.

It’s a beautiful beach, beautiful, beautiful beach. But it’s also burning the shit out of most of us l0l Poor Johnny Torque is as red as a lobster! With the raccoon eyes to match, it’s pretty awesome. The poor guy, and he won’t stop going out in the sun. Well shit, I’m getting a little tingly and I’m still not willing to get out of the sun lol

We’ve been boogey boarding down at the beach, attempting it at least. It works out OK sometimes, but other times, not so much. Yesterday I rode the wave in almost to the end, leaned forward too much, nose dived into the surf, tumbled onto my back where the wave pushed me across the sand scraping my back and then as I sit up, out of nowhere comes another boogey board and….


Right cross from the boogey board, definitely got hit hard enough with that foam board to rattle some cobwebs loose up there lol

Now, we certainly don’t get waves like that in our little cove, we get more a third to half that size. And we definitely don’t go that fast or look that awesome when doing it. It’s more us just floating out in the water, wait for a little swell to come in and try and catch it breaking with out any flippers. Not sure if any of you have tried paddling on a boogey board with just your arms, but it’s way harder than on a surf board. We toughed it out though, got some fun little rides on the little waves 😀

The sand reminds me of back home in Northern California. It’s not the same texture, definitely a lot finer, but with some bigger rocks in the sand. The color is the most similar, it looks kinda brown in this pic. But when it’s in  your hands, it looks very grey and black. The sand at home is like little pebbles, not quite sand lol

That’s the beach in Quepos, just a bit north of us. We should be heading up there soon to check it out, I’ll let you guys know how that goes ;D

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