Costa Rican Superbowl

That’s right, a Costa Rican Superbowl Party!

Hey, we’re Americans, we can’t just not watch the Superbowl! I don’t think US Immigration would let us back in if they found out we didn’t experience the Super Bowl!

We’re going to start on that soon enough, let me cover a bit of what happened yesterday. Hmmmmmm, let’s see. So! I wrote my blog post, and some of our friends went on down to the local market to pick up some food supplies. The rest of us drank a few beers, made sure the couch didn’t float away, Johnny Torque did some sunbathing without sun tan lotion on for some reason. But then, I found the Mexican Super Bowl! Ok, I’m not being racist when I say Mexican Super Bowl, I mean literally, we pretty much watched the Mexican Superbowl, or at least a pre-season game.

No, not talking about Football, errrr, Futbol. I’m talking about bull fighting. Yep, we sat around slurping down some cervezas watching a few bull fights. Man oh man, that shit is ganrly and intense. But also very funny when you’re not paying attention to the fact that the animal is slowly bleeding to death in front of you and then you watch some dude with a dagger jam it into the bull’s neck a few times as he struggles to sever the spinal cord.

Basically it starts off with a few guys and some pink capes getting the bull to run around the ring a few times till they feel that the bull is sufficiently tired down enough to where the Matador basically just stands there with a bull too tired to do much runs around him after a red “cape”. ¬†Oddly enough, I found out that bulls are colorblind. Right? Kinda odd.

So the guys with pink capes, before they hand the bull over to the matador, they have these 6 rods with hooks on the end that they shank into the bulls back, to begin bleeding him out and tiring him out.

Anyways, so Matador is out there getting the bull to run now smaller circles around him while he’s tiring and bleeding, slowly dyeing.

They throw in some other dudes, guy on horse with giant pole with cross shaped dagger on it that he jabbed into the bull when the bull charged him on the horse. Oddly enough, the horse had on some sort of Kevlar vest thing so when the bull actually hit the horse it didn’t stab it, but it certainly knocked it over and rolled it on top of the guy. Personally I think the dumb fuck on the horse deserved that one.

Finally the Matador starts his “death strikes” with his sword. Constantly trying to jab the sword into the back of the bull near the top, between the ribs, thrusting the sword all the way into the body. By the time this penetration happens the animal is out of breath, out of blood, and now has a sword going through most of it’s organs. So the bull drops to it’s knees and random guy pops out of nowhere and jams the dagger into the bull’s neck ab out 8 times till he finally severs the spinal cord and ends the animals’ misery.

What really frustrates me about this isn’t the fact that they’re killing the animal. They’ve been doing this for generations, and they actually eat the animal. No, what frustrates me is the Matador. Pompous ass hole. He doesn’t fight a fresh bull, it’s tired out by the other men and already bleeding out by the time he gets it, he then tires it out more and stabs the bull.

He doesn’t actually kill the bull, he just fucks with it when it’s probably the weakest this whole fight. Then random guy kills it. Fuck the Matador. Especially since they wear those tight ass pants and they have some nice butts. Strange I picked that out during the fights. lol

So yeah, interesting and frustrating to watch.

Oh, the Super Bowl, Giants won. Nothing against my NY fans, but I really wanted the Patriots to win. Hey, the better team(this time) won. Enjoy the victory Giants fans, your team earned it. But it’s just like the Giants and the World Series. We owned the world for a year and then looked like shit the next year lol

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