Someone’s SLACKING!

My bad, my bad.

Sorry about that guys, I try to stay consistent with my blog posts, but I didn’t really seem to keep my shit together this week. And for slacking on the Ask Sammy Episodes.

I’ve been compiling a bunch of questions to try and get some great questions together and enough to be able to do a few episodes of Ask Sammy, so at the moment it’s in hiatus.

Which oddly enough is somewhat related to my personal life. Now, I’m not big on making excuses, I’d rather own up to things and take responsibility. But, since this is a blog, and you I know you guys like it when I make this a bit more personal, I’ll tell you guys what has been going on that’s been preoccupying my time.

Whew, threw some big words in there lol

Sooooooooo, personal life.

Just told you guys about how I just moved into a new place. I live with two other room mates. One thing I didn’t tell you, they’re some of my co-workers. Yep, porn house. Not all models though, it’s a nice mixed bag of the whole team.

Now here lies the problem, I moved into the house because one of my house mates. I’ve made it almost a month, and now he’s leaving! He’s being relocated geographically within the company, soooooooooo, now here I am. Gotta try and find another room mate to fill his spot.

Here’s the frustrating part. I’ve been spending time to try and find someone to fill the room. Posting and re-posting two seperate posts for the house, while the room mate leaving has put up a posting himself for the room. While one room mate has only made comments such as, “you know, if we don’t get someone in here soon, we’re going to have to pay like a $1000 each for rent.” Yeah, no shit. Sooooooo, ummmmm, how about you contribute ten minutes and put up a post and try and get some bites so we don’t have to split rent for a 4 bedroom house that is furnished with all of your things, you use two bedrooms of the house, and use all the storage in the garage. Hmmmmmmmm, how about you cover the rent for the rest of the house and I’ll pay for the room I use?

Man, I can feel myself getting all heated writing this. Kidneys are getting a little tight lol Can you tell I have some frustration with the situation and the room mate? This wouldn’t be the first time he hasn’t taken any kind of responsibility for a house situation.

Anyways, so, the room mate who’s leaving, he’s actually the one who really runs the Ask Sammy Episodes. He gets all the questions put together, films it, and gets it to the editors. Me, I just kinda showed up 🙁 I really should’ve put more of myself into it. Well, now I have the opportunity! These Ask Sammies are about to get REAL! lol

I’m kind of excited about it though, it’ll give me a chance to make it more personal and get creative with it and the settings I choose 😀

Well shit, how about that for personal and real in the life of Samuel O’Toole?!

Yeah, the facade of porn stars. We live in disco balls in the clouds drinking Cristal like it’s water.

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