Cybersocket Awards 2012

Second day back from the 2012 Cybersocket Awards and I’m still recovering.

Monday morning began with a flight from Oakland airport with Tucker Scott, Paul Wagner, James Jamesson, Marcus Mojo, James Huntsman, Tyler Torro, and Johnny Torque. We were going to be meeting Rod Daily and Marco LeBeau at the airport.

We ended up attending the Cybersockets with quite the crew. NextDoor Studios had been chosen to provide the trophy boys again this year.

After a short flight down the coast of beautiful California, we landed in sunny Burbank! As awesome as Los Angeles is, I love my NorCal! I’ve got the beach, redwoods, snow, mountains all within a short drive. I can’t handle how flat and urban it is down there. Like I said in the beginning, I’m a bit of a hippy ;D

Anyways, back to the cybersockets!

DJing for the Cybersockets again was Producer Chi Chi LaRue, with the Chico’s Angels returning as the hosts!

It was a crazy night beginning with everyone getting pretty shit faced. Hilarious watching the producers and owners stumbling around and hitting on the models. Good times……

Mixed with plenty of models running around half naked. Of course, being trophy boys, the NextDoor crew was shirtless the entire event ;D Some came in outfit, some in just jeans in a t shirt. All in all though, everyone was looking great…..

NextDoor walked away with four awards total!

Best Affiliate Program going to Buddy Profits. Hint Hint. That means if you want to make some real money, sign up for Buddy Profits!

Best Video Site went to NextDoor Studios, which is fitting since we don’t really produce many DVDs.

In the Best Amateur Webcam category I was nominated, but I’m glad to see it went to my fellow NextDoor Studios model, Cody Cummings. They guy works hard to be where he is, he definitely deserved the award. Unfortunately, Cody wasn’t able to attend the award show. But I’m sure he would’ve been there to graciously accept the award had he been able to.

Anthony Romero was also awarded Best Newcomer! I’m super proud of Anthony, in the short time he spent in porn he has made great strides to become one of the hottest and most talked about porn stars! I’ve never had the opportunity to do a scene with Anthony, but in the time that I’ve spent with him off camera I can say that he is one of my favorite porn stars.

I’ve got a special place for Hot House in my heart. NextDoor is my favorite studio to work for, but Hot House has been one of the only other studios I’ve truly enjoyed working for. Steven Scarborough was awarded the Cybersocket Wall of Fame Award of Excellence! Phew, that’s a mouthful. I think they thought that adding more words to the title of the award would make it sound cooler. Well, I mean, it does, but calling it an Industry Award of Excellence probably would’ve worked too.

But hey, I’m just a porn star ;D

All in all, I enjoyed my time at the Cybersockets. It was great to see everyone’s cherry red faces! ;D

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