A day off….. Or is it?

Hey everybody!

Long time no see, how’ve you all been doing? Good, good, that’s great to hear!

I know, I sound crazy, but crazy is a good thing sometimes, right? You know, like when you’re crazy on top of your game, get shit done crazy! That’s how I feel today, I’ve been running around everywhere at 160 mph. everywhere I go today.

Went and got tested today for the October shoot. I asked the phlebotomist to draw my blood from my forearm and not my elbow, because I wanted to be able to go to the gym afterwards. So what happens? They rape my arm with a needle trying to get blood out of me. It’s a hot day and I’ve got veins like garden hoses, it shouldn’t be that difficult. But it was.

But hey, the way I look at it, if I’m going to be preferential about it I have to be willing to pay for it just a bit. Which I certainly did!

Did an episode of Ask Samuel O’Toole today, we’re switching it up a bit on these episodes with the backgrounds, trying to find something we like.

I didn’t have school today! That’s pretty awesome, I’m a little excited about that. Instead of going to the campus for a higher education, I can stay at home and nap on the couch and catch up on some Zzzz’s.

What? Being well rested is important to learning, your brain doesn’t fully function with out it…….. Right?

Did a lot of driving in my errands, but that was due to my mistakes. I made it almost to the testing site, and then realized that I had forgotten to print out my orders. I’ll stop by the office, oh wait I have e-mail set up to where it deletes the mail off the server after it’s downloaded to my computer. Great, the computer that’s at home…….. ┬átime to turn around.

Turn around, get home, print out orders, head to testing site. Got to the testing site and what do you know, it’s lunch time. Ok, well, lets wait till lunch is over. Met up with my buddy, helped him get his DJ equipment set up. Back to go get tested, get my arm ravaged with a needle. Then to the office!

Ended up at the office, hung out for a bit, shot the metaphorical shit with T-Stacks and J-Money. The resident NextDoor Ballas’. They help make sure things run smooth. Like the muscle of the company, when we need legs broken, they find the hammers. Well, not quite like that, but they are some of the driving force behind this amazing studio.

So, after the shooting of shit, we shot Ask Samuel O’Toole! Season 2 Episode 2! So formal, I know, it’s only because that’s fresh in my mind. Had some funny questions in that one, I think you guys will like it!

Well, that was my “day off” from school. Hasn’t turned out to be much of a day off, but at least I got some time to catch up on some other things in life!

Until next time guys!


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