Change of Pace

Well, not quite yet for me lol

This is actually in regards to my latest scene out on my site, Change of Space with Nick Spartan!

Very cool guy, nice dick, and great bottom too ;D Definitely had a blast shooting with Nick, and with the good feedback from the scene so far, I’m guessing you guys enjoyed it as well ;D

It was funny to have Nick and I in a scene, because I’m not sure if you can tell, but he towers over me lol

But I did my best to keep up! lol I have to say though, one of my favorite things about doing porn, getting down with all the tall people ;D Yep, I look at a tall person, and it’s like Mt. Everest to me, I wanna climb that mountain and plant my cock, I mean flag…… Well, both.

and plant I did! Nick was a trooper, and took my cock like a champ! It seems like it’s too often that I have a scene partner that tells me they can take my dick all through photos, and all through the oral of the video. Then it comes time to sit on it……. and they don’t. Or they try, and it just doesn’t happen. But whatever, I’m not about to force someone to sit on my dick, it’s way more fun if they want it ;D

and he looks oh so willing ;D But yeah, very passionate guy, guy kisser, had a blast working with Nick. Apparently he’s a dancer in Vegas too! No, not a go go dancer, but like a legit dancer, for a show and what not. Lots of respect for that, can’t imagine a job like that gives much time to jet set around and do some porn. So for that, I thank Nick Spartan for coming out and joining us here at NextDoor Studios.

Oh! and, there should be a new scene coming out this week! I know, it’s gonna be crazy! lol

Sooooo, not sure if you guys caught this video or not, buuuuttttt……. lol I’m pretty excited about it 😀

Yep, that would me Mr. O’Toole in a “furry” costume 😀 Now, I’m not a furry in my personal life, but I’m always willing to have some fun with porn. I feel that if you take it too serious, sometimes you lose focus on what the whole point of porn is. To relax and indulge into a fantasy. So, join me in a light hearted venture into the world of furry animal suits and masturbation ;D

I’ve got another blog post coming for you guys soon! I’ll have one updating you guys on my personal life, what?! Yep, started school, venturing forth in my “public appearance” portion of my career, and super excited about the next year coming up and all the fun and crazy things we have planned for you guys!

Yep, and of course I’m going to have to write about the furry scene as well ;D

Sorry for missing a blog post last week guys, I blanked and slacked on a lot of things, not just work. The whole reason why you guys will be getting 3 posts this week! lol

Until next post!

Be safe and have fun!


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