Keeping Busy!!!

Wow, just when I felt like I had too much free time, now I feel like I need more! I’ve been traveling here, there, back to here, and then to over there, back from over there, and once back here. Wait, what? I know, me too, I keep asking people what day it is.

Wow, ok, not that cracked out. I just want more time, like……

The greatest time traveling, non time travelers, of our time! Doc and Marty!

I know, I’m just a bit corny. Only a bit….

But not really, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, and now that I’m back, things just aren’t waiting for me.

Bills, mail, cam shows. Luckily enough was only late on the cam show, but still no bueno. Soooo, yeah, stressing a bit. Got a shoot coming up in a few days, wanna get creative again! Got a couple ideas floating around in my head, we’ll see what pops out ;D

So, school starts again for me. Just one class, but I’m getting nervous. I don’t see life slowing down any for me right now, so I’m wondering what it’s going to be like trying to be a jet setter and a student. Hmmmmm, it’s hard enough sometimes doing blog posts and camera shows from the road. What’s that saying? Something about difficult things being worth it, or things worth it are never easy….. I dunno, whatever. What can I say, the way I look at it is, it’s something in the way of me achieving what I want. Lets do work! 😀 If it’s learning, working out, fixing something, if I want it bad enough, I bust my ass to do it. But I guess that’s like anything in life. If you really want it, you’ll do what you need to. Gotta stay motivated!

So, other things of more interest, the FleshJacks!!!! The day we molded them, there was a rough, unofficial answer of about 2 months till the FleshJacks and dildos hit the shelves! So pretty soon you can be bouncing away on my fat cock or pounding the life out of my tight hole ;D

Ahem, excuse me, anyone else getting a bit hot and bothered? 😀

Until next time guys,


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