So many shoes……

I really do have a lot of shoes. I’ve probably got almost 30. There’s a mountain of sneakers in my closet, and I love and wear them all. But, this isn’t about my shoes, this is about the beginning of my scene Check Out My Kicks, with Joey Soto! Joey was a very cool guy, very laid back! Awesome accent too ;D

Yeah, kind of attacked him on that bench 😀

Yep, kinda attacked him. Look at me, naked already and he’s barely got his pants off……. does that make me a slut? Well, we are making porn, right? Might as well get the goodies unwrapped 😀

I may have a lot of shoes, but that guys has got some shoes on there! They’re cool…… but, when you see just the shoes, they remind me of The Wizard of Oz. Don’t get me wrong, Dorothy’s Ruby slippers were pretty bitchin’, but I also don’t think I could pull off heels.

Anyways…. What’s the next picture? ;D


Ok, maybe I am a slut. Mr. Soto and I get down pretty good, 69’ing and clambering for a cock! You guys will definitely like this scene! My jaw was a little sore afterwards 😀

I’ve got all kinds of fun things coming up, the soonest I believe Marcus Mojo and I will be in Vancouver at the end of this month, and I will be in Chicago for Maket Days as well!!!

I’m looking forward to all this and very excited! There’s all sorts of new things in the works, and like most good things, you can’t wait for them! Coming close to the end of my first year with a solo site, and I have to say it has been an amazing experience. There’s definitely a sappy, emotional, tear jerker, epiphany blog post coming…….  well, maybe not that epic, but hopefully it’ll be pretty damn good!

Well, time to get started on Ask Samuel O’Toole!!!! You can tweet me questions on twitter @samuelotoolexxx or you can e-mail them(best bet) to Good Luck in getting your questions picked! I’m not the only one who picks them 😀 It’s a group experience, and orgy of a sorts……..

Well, I’ll leave you with that visual!

Until next time guys, I hope you enjoy this scene as much as I did making it!


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