Transformers! Robots in disguise!!!

Sooooo, as I’m sure you can tell by the very obvious headline, I just recently saw the new Transformers movie! Transformers 3: Dark Side of The Moon.

Am I the only one hoping that Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon will match up to this and play perfectly along with the sequence of events?

I’m thinking that Dark Side of Oz reference is flying over most people’s heads. So, if you start Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon as the same time the lion roars at the beginning of The Wizard of Oz, the music is supposed to match the setting and transitions between songs matches transitions in the movie. I think it was supposed to be the album on record though, anyways, I’ve watched it. I thought it was pretty awesome, and no I don’t seriously think that Transformers will match up with it. 😀

But! It was a pretty cool movie. Even though Shia LaBeouf is in it. I’m kidding!!! But honestly, kinda glad Megan Fox wasn’t in this one. Ummmmm, she’s not really an actress. Doesn’t being an actress mean you play different parts every time you’re in a new movie? I get the feeling she’s just as airy and simple in person as she is in her films, unfortunately. She is sexy, so it would be pretty cool if it was, well, acting. But if she’s smart, then wouldn’t she realize that she keeps playing the same character over and over again but the name is changing and the situations the character is put in? Anyways…..

So, once again the Decepticons are back to take over planet earth and the Autobots with some very cliche supporting characters, that we all know and love by now, do their very best to thwart their plans. So, general outline.

Don’t see the movie, humans die and the robots take over the world…..

Naw, I’m fucking with you!!!! It was pretty damn awesome! But then again, I am a giant robots fan……


Yeah, they make me giggle like a school girl boy…. they laughed at my school girl giggle 🙁

Naw, I’m kidding, everyone loves the school girl giggle. Satisfyingly creepy and fulfilling at the same time. Like being the dark figure that appears at the top of the stairs….. just don’t get your ass shot for that one.

Damn! Tiny ass picture! Sorry guys, well, my bad. Dark of The Moon. I stand corrected.

Anyways, don’t let my blabbering deter you from missing the #1 movie of the summer! and that’s not even my opinion, its a fact! Well, as solid of a fact as most of them are nowadays. Which means as hollow as a politician’s soul. Burnnnn!

Until next time guys, which will be about my scene with Mr. Joey Soto and I!!!

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