The Votes Are In!!!

First off I would like to thank all my fans for making this possible for me! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It doesn’t matter how hard I work, I don’t have these opportunities without you guys! I truly appreciate it, and I thank you! I hope I can give back to you guys as much as you give to me ;D

Next, I’d like to congratulate Austin Wilde and Cody Cummings for being chosen as well! I’m wondering if you guys are interested in the FleshJack’s or the dildos more ;D You chose some pretty big dicks….. and we’ve got big cocks too! Sorry, bad joke! 😀 It’s come to the point where I’m almost too afraid to crack jokes about people, so I figured I’d throw myself in for good measure ;D

What began with Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Trystan Bull, Austin Wilde, Cody Cummings, and myself. Somehow ended with us three. I saw Cody’s happening, and Austin, but definitely not me. Cody has the numbers, Austin has the fan base, but me. I think I came out of nowhere. Rod is a very popular guy and has been in porn longer than me, the same with Marcus and Trystan! What’s that old football saying, it came from left field? I’m fucking with you, I know it’s not football ;D

It’s Soccer!!!

But no really, I’m fucking with you.

So we get to join the ranks of Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, Pierre Fitch, and The Visconti Triplets, as the new FleshJack Boys Men…………        ;D

I’m super stoked about this! Rumor has it we go to do the molds in July! 😀 So close! I’m freaking out man!!!!!!

I’ve been watching the molding promo videos for the other guys……… to prepare myself. Pretty sure I’m gonna have to shave my ass……

Anyways, speaking of ass.

Real ass this time…..

Kevin Crows’ ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nope, he doesn’t bottom this scene…… nor do I.

Sorry, but there is TONS of cock sucking!!!!!! Loved it!!!!!!!!

Had a blast shooting this scene with Kevin, he’s a great guy. Super nice, always a chill guy 😀 One of my favorite people to see at shoots and events!

Ummmm, not sure why I’m flexing my toe like that lol They couldn’t have photoshopped that out? ;D I’m kidding! lol

I’m having too much fun today 😀

Well, I should probably leave some photos for you guys to actually look at on my site ;D

Been keeping busy lately, gave up on my old iPod and buying one of the new ones so I can do photos and videos for you guys on twitter! 😀

So, hope you guys enjoy this blog post!

Keep an open heart and open mind!


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