Hey everybody! Got another new scene to write about! 😀

I’m super excited about this one! I had an awesome scene with a new, good friend of mine, Mr. Joey Hard!

Look at that cutie ;D Biting his lip, getting hard….. hold on.

Ok, I’m back 😀

Now, Joey Hard, very cute guy(as you can tell), and VERY passionate. Had some awesome fucking in this scene, some GREAT kissing, and I filmed most of it during the scene lol

Yep! You get a POV portion of the scene too! Sorry for the shakey camera work though, kinda hard when you’re fucking 😀 Well, it should be hard when you’re fucking, but filming while fucking is difficult. Sorry, randomness……

Back to reality…….

So it starts off very voyeurish with me filming him while he’s naked……..

and eventually waking him up with a dick in his ear 😀

Right, “wake him” up ;D

So much fun! I had a blast in this scene, and had to slow down multiple times when I was fucking him pounding him. Yeah, he took it like a champ 😀 Definitely in my Top 3 bottoms!

His soft skin, voluptuous lips, mmmmmmmmm……………….. Yeah, I’ll be back again ;D

Sorry, have to keep taking a break to jerk it a bit…….. and then cool down. Doing this before my cam show, so looking at these photos and thinking back is really getting me going! That’s a good thing though ;D

Joey has a great personality as well, which is awesome to have in a scene partner! We clicked really well and had some good laughs on the set 😀 We were able to goof around and have fun with the scene and each other, which made for a great relaxed atmosphere. ;D

Well, I hope you all enjoy this blog post. I hope you enjoy this scene even more! and almost as much as I enjoyed shooting it for you guys! Let NextDoor know what you thought of the pairing!

You can get to them on twitter @nextdoorstudios

You can also follow me on twitter @samuelotoolexxx to find out what I’m doing with my free time, random photos, and links to my newest scenes! Yes, this is actually Sammy writing this part ;D

Plus, I’m going to try and start doing cam shows more often! So you can find out when I’m LIVE on twitter!

If you have Thursdays free, I’m going to be online at 5PM PST ready to meet you!

You can find my cam profile at

I’m still new to camming, aside from my regular show, so I’m a little anxious to see how it goes lol Strangely enough, I’m a little nervous about it lol But hey, I still haven’t stripped or go-go danced so doing this is going to rack the nerves a bit lol or is it wreck? Anyways…….

Well, I look forward to seeing you guys tonight at my cam show! and let me know what you guys think of this newest scene!

Until next time! Keep an open heart and open mind!


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