To see it, or not to see it. That is a question.

No, it’s not THE question. I didn’t mess up on accident ;D So, to see it or not to see it. I’m not a recognized film critic, but I have a blog and an opinion so I might as well! Besides, it’s not like I’m critiquing an Oscar quality film ;D

Oh, that’s right, I haven’t told you what I’m reviewing yet. Well, let me know if you disagree on this movie being Oscar quality lol

Now, before anyone rags on me for watching this movie, and in theaters no less! I’ve seen all of the previous Fast & The Furious movies, just not all of them in theaters. I love cars and I love action, why not go see it? Plus you’re almost guaranteed hot guys and girls in the movie too ;D

Quick cast photo, and then on to some things I like about some of these actors “actors”.

Check this out, so technically the farther you are from the camera, the shorter you’ll look. You’re a smaller object in the field of view, like Ludacris, 😀 He really is a tiny guy! He’s supposed to be REALLY close to my height. Notice how he’s almost walking on top of the other guys shadow? Pretty sure he’s actually walking in front of him almost to help him look taller, get him a bit closer to the camera without making it look too obvious. But his feet look huge compared to everyone elses!

So the reason I’m talking about height with these actors is because, oddly enough, some of them are said to “supplement” their height like Sylvester Stallone. Well, not some of them, I think just one. Mr. Vin Diesel.

Yep, apparently the guy does the whole wedge/platform shoes like Stallone is said to have used. Action characters are normally larger than life men who tower over the opposition(Schwarzenegger), normally excludes Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Edward Norton and Marky Mark if you want to throw them in too. So naturally, being 5’5″ to 5’8″ isn’t quite tall enough, so they try and fix that a bit ;D

Check out this photo 😀

Mr. Diesel is closer to us, so technically he should look bigger than Mr. Tyrese Gibson, yet he’s shorter….. hmmmmmm. Look back to the photo with all them walking and compare the heights and strides between these two. Diesel looks almost as tall as Gibson, yet is farther away and at a different point in his stride. Diesel is pushing off his back foot still, around the highest point of your stride. Gibson almost looks flat footed, with legs close together. Then this photo above all this rambling. Their crotches and knees don’t really seem to line up either. Does it look like he’s standing on a box to anyone else?

I’m not hating on short actors or any short person for that matter lol I just think it’s awesome how the simplest tricks of the camera and some movie magic can make Vin Diesel look almost as big as The Rock! Who is also in the movie ;D

and also played for the University of Miami, school pays.

Hey Sammy, I thought you were going to review the movie?

Really? You don’t know what to expect when going to see this movie? It’s the fifth movie about a bunch of people driving fast and cool cars around doing insanely impossible things with horrible one liners and acting. Oh….. I guess that’s my review lol

Like I said, there’s not much to expect that’s new with this movie, except for maybe cars that you haven’t seen before lol

If you’re a fan of the series or actors, go see it in theaters. If not, but you still like action movies and cars, contemplate seeing it when it comes out on DVD Blu-Ray whatever the next best thing is. If you’re not interested in any of that, don’t spend the two hours on it lol

Well, a brutally honest review, and some fun rambling and gossip about the heights of movie stars 😀

Hope you all enjoyed it!


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