Dickin’ Around

Definitely a saying among my favorites! I love to dick around, or play grab ass, or horse play, goof off….. you know, shenanigans 😀

Anyways, so I this post is going to be about my most recent scene. It’s an outdoor solo that we shot, which was a blast! I like to do solos because they’re pretty laid back, the only hard on you have to wait for is your own. The only shitty thing sometimes, is that it’s not all that hot. This was the exception.

I love being outdoors and having sex or jerking off, so I was stoked when the weather allowed us to do this scene!

Damn! That’s a big ass photo! Desktop wallpaper status right there! 😀

But yeah, so I got to goof around on a quad for the beginning of the scene….. wished it had more power 🙁 Basically a little kids quad lol

I like to call this the hunk pose. So many porn stars do it, and I think it’s kind of a cool looking photo. I look WIDE in this photo. The strange thing is that I don’t feel, and I don’t think I look, that wide. But nonetheless, one of those words you’re surprised is actually one word. Ever wonder about how they came up with most of the words in the English language. I like to daydream about dictionaries in the future, I know corny, and imagine the new random words that will come about. I mean come on, the evolution of the way we communicate is always evolving. The way we spoke 50 years ago is completely different from the way we speak now. It’s just sad that with how “intelligent” humans are, and how sophisticated or language is, we still fail to communicate ;D Anyways, back to porn.

They originally asked me to do my scene without the jeans and asked me to ride up in just a jock strap, and to do the donuts in a jock strap…… uh, no. That’s how you lose a testicle, and I am not willing to put my boys in harms way. If it didn’t seem extremely uncomfortable, I’d totally bubble wrap the boys and wear a cup 24/7…. I’m kidding, that’s how you lose your junk to jungle rot 😀   Sorry, bad joke.

Soooooo, I know this wasn’t a super in depth blog post….. I really am, I wanted to do this post on escorting, but I’m still searching for it on my computers. It’s not on the PC, not on the Mac, gotta check my old external hard drive, and then I’ll probably put it on my new external hard drive. So yeah, haven’t really wanted to have to deal with that hunt.

Oh, and don’t worry. It’s not going to be a blog post that bashes anyone for their choices. This paper was written for one of my classes and was meant to be a completely objective point of view pointing out the differences between prostitution, escorting, and porn, that make them legal or illegal. A fun informative little bit.

Soooooo, until next time, enjoy the photos and happy jerking! I hope you guys like the new scene!

Oh! and keep an eye out, I’ll be asking for questions again soon! Once you guys see what we’re up to, I think you’ll have a few more ;D

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