Almost to the finish!

Sooooooo, a few things……

Got some awesome comments and positive feedback on the past few comments, which I really appreciate! I’m not too worried about what I write when I feel like no one is reading it, or only an instructor will be reading it. But to  know now that people actually read my blog, I feel like I have a lot to live up to! But that’s good, I enjoy that fear ;D It’ll help me stay on top of my game and motivated for you guys. I’d always wondered what it’d be like to be a reporter for a newspaper, but I never thought I’d be that great at it because I feel I tend to be too subjective….. errrr, objective? Google it! Yep, subjective was right.

Which I guess can be a good thing, but when I read the news, I just want facts, I don’t want an opinion. That’s what I’m here for, let me read the facts and formulate an opinion…. anyways, off topic now. Thanks everyone for the positive reinforcement!

Second thing! New scene came out with my scene partner Spencer Fox! Just watched the video myself……..   short, and to the point.

This scene was a tough one. I couldn’t connect with this guy. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t. He kept doing things that would throw me for a loop. Find him in random places at the shoot house singing to himself, kept peeing into the trash bag hanging on the light stand every 5 minutes, was VERY feminine in his performance(maybe he took notes from the girls in straight porn), and decided before the video that he wasn’t willing to do the positions we did in the photos. Soooooo, yeah, when it came around to the end of our scene I was sooooo frustrated! Still had a great cum shot though ;D

Almost got arrested at the grocery store the other day…… cause I brought these guns in! *Flex*

So yeah, photos look great, and video is average. I’m sorry guys, I really wish that I could have done a better job for you guys with this one. I do think this last shoot had some AWESOME scenes, so hopefully they’ll make up for this one!

I fucked him pretty hard doggy since he didn’t let me pile drive him. Little did he know I fucked him harder than I would have if he had let me do it. I would’ve been gentle….. maybe ;D

The Phoenix Forum!!!!!! Well, there are photos up on all the major blogs, so you really don’t need to come here for them. Plus with free alcohol and on my schedule for the show it said chill/mingle for the majority of my “To Do” list, I took advantage of that and completely forgot to take photos 🙁

But! There are photos from the event we did! It was called HEAT and it was a “Fashion” show where NextDoor’s Exclusives and Kyle King and Blu Kennedy representing Hot House(my boys!) showed off our swimwear, underwear, and jock straps, and then had them auctioned off our bodies! It was pretty hot ;D

Thanks Daniel for the love that night! ;D

And of course the pool photo ;D

So yes, had a blast at The Phoenix Forum! and I learned quite a bit about how I feel about people fucking in my bed and leaving it a fish market mess….. I don’t like it.

What’s in the future?!

Play baby! Play!

I will be in Nashville this April 8th at the dance bar Play!

Look forward to seeing you guys there!

Hope you enjoy this blog post! Oh, and the whole word limit thing….. it was a joke ;D

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