I believe it’s pronounced Too-Fur and not like Twat and Offer combined. Although, there will be some twat in this Β posting. Don’t worry, we’ll hold it till the end ;D

Sooooo, had a couple of scenes come out since the last time I wrote about some of my updates, the firs I’ll write about is called Private Party with my scene partner Kyle Quinn.

This was such a fun scene to shoot! We were shooting this scene at the end of the day, right at dinner time. So what we did to cover up the loud noise of everyone eating and socializing, was we worked it into the scene πŸ˜€ The scene starts off with all of us, production crew and models “partying” it up, and my scene partner and I sneak back to my room and get things going!

I make some awesome comments about my college student-esque room was funded for by my parents with furniture from Ikea. Ikea is such a turn on that we immediately get down to destroying my furniture ;D

Luckily enough we didn’t wreck too much and safely made it to the bed ;D Well, didn’t wreck things too much in the photos, but when we did the video I tried the same thing and if I remember correctly as soon as I get on that bedside table, shit goes everywhere lol

Kyle Quinn, one of those legitimate bottoms. Guy loved to get fucked and had an amazing feeling ass! I believe at that time he was still fairly new to porn so he wasn’t all that comfortable in front of the camera…. yet! If this guy sticks with it, he’s going to have some damn good fun!

We rimmed a bit in photos, but I can’t remember if it made it into the videos or not. πŸ™ Damn, didn’t realize they got that close up right down the alley shot there lol Is my back curving off to the side in that photo? Scoliosis? Not sure if I spelled that right. This is what happens when I write these blog posts, I pick apart the photos and try not to write about the shit I notice lol

Like this one, not so bad, lighting is good, photo is good, timing, meh. Timing is probably the hardest thing in photos for perfect expressions and overall composure.

Now lets begin with the straight porn!

If straight porn isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to stop reading any further, you won’t miss much ;D But, if you would like to see me pick apart the photos about expressions/timing and general set composure, continue my friend!

Cherry Torn….Yes, that’s her name. Took me a minute the first time to get it, but when I did ;D

Soooo, general story line of this scene. Morning after, Sammy wakes up with morning wood, is looking for someone? something? He’s not too bothered by the absence, so he gets to jerking πŸ˜€

Ready? First off, I don’t know who looks like that when they’re sleeping. I know I did a completely relaxed face and body, this is the mid waking up to full flexed stretching position that looks good. See the lube? The shiny spot next to my elbow. Yeah, about that. Probably left over from the shoot before, unless they put it there to emphasize the morning after theory…. whatever. Lube by the elbow, if it’s for creative purposes I love it, if it’s because someone was lazy πŸ™

Jerky-jerky-jerky, Hey! Who’s that?!

Oh look! That’s what I was looking for πŸ˜€ If only you knew she was in mid question lol Well, now you do. There’s me making my always goofy and fun over acting faces, and my scene partner, the lovely and kinky Cherry Torn ;D Damn, the lube is still there.

It’s getting time for sexy time! Whew, blocking the lube spot now, and you get a view of my butt! Some shots my ass looks dark and hairy as hell! Other shots like this one, I can barely make out any hair. I don’t even trim, it just happens.

Oh, it feels so good. You know how you can tell? My obvious look of “Blinking over here, Hey, I’m blinking” But you know how you can tell I’m not ready? The fact that I’m sitting on my butt lol

Speaking of my butt, another butt shot πŸ˜€ Almost can’t tell I’m covering a vagina! It’s just not hairy enough to be a man’s ass ;D

Squeeze! Flex! Arrrgggghhhhhh! You know what sucks? Well, you don’t know, since they didn’t do photos of it, and I don’t have a way to embed the preview vids yet. But, you guys are missing the cum swap! Well, multi-swap, which I think is just a two person snowball. It should be since this scene is called morning snowball lol

You gotta wait till the end, but we totally did an awesome cum swap in the end ;D

Want the real behind the scenes info on this? I didn’t wait till the end! I had been so worked up since photos I was ready to cum within ten minutes of video! We did the cumshot with the swap first, and then we continued the scene! Now, after doing that right in the beginning, I got hard again and we fucked our brains out! Almost came a second time πŸ˜€

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed both of the scenes ;D

Until next time!


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