Hall Pass!

So Sunday I was planning on doing a blog post…. but I had no idea what to write about. So I decided it was time to hit up the movies and see what Hollywood had to offer at this time.

It came down to The King’s Speech(I know, I know, I want to see it), Hall Pass, and Beastly(Hopefully that kid does better in this one than #4). Shouldn’t be too hard to tell what was picked.

Soooooo, before you expect too much out of this movie, it is one of Bobby Farrelly’s movies. It’s going to be funny, but definitely slap stick and below average IQ crude humor. But isn’t that why we love his other movies such as

Definitely not as awesomely “bad” as Dumb and Dumber, but not quite as classic worthy as There’s Something About Mary. Definitely along the lines of Me, Myself, & Irene with there being a bunch of humor loosely surrounding a story of finding love/sex in a marriage/committed relationship again. But hey, like I said, it’s not the story it’s the humor and the off key characters you watch these movies for 😀

Well, I certainly don’t watch them for the story lines! There’s no reason to tell you anymore about the movie, it’s the comedy that makes these movies. Just hoping to avert some bad experiences if these usually aren’t your types of movies.

Oh! I also just watched two new for me, old movies. Well, not quite that old, All About Steve and The Green Zone.

Now, here’s why I didn’t go rush out and see these two. All About Steve, Sandra Bullock. No really, she’s the whole reason I didn’t go and see that movie. She made it look retarded, she went from Miss Congeniality 2(need I say more?) to a couple of low key films and marrying Jesse James, and then gives us The Proposal(not that bad) and All About Steve. Wasn’t too impressed. I like Sandra Bullock, I think she’s cute and I liked her in Crash, Practical Magic, Hope Floats, While You Were Sleeping, Speed, Demolition Man….. I think that’s like every movie she did in the 90’s lol

Anyways, not a bash on Sandra Bullock, just a friendly “Step your game up girlfriend, we know you can do better.” But, All About Steve…. like I said, step your game up. Once I finally saw the movie, the previews with her acting like some crazy chick totally made sense. I definitely think they should have made it clear why she was so crazy and off in the previews. Her being crazy with no explanation in the previews turned me away from the movie, her being a stalker in the previews made the movie intriguing and funny. But once again, cute movie/story line, but not great. The director of the movie is the director of the new TV series Raising Hope, and the writer was the same writer as License to Wed with Robin Williams. But License to Wed was a way better movie.

Anyways, next movie. The Green Zone with Matt Damon!

Ok, so here’s why I didn’t rush out and see this movie either. Ready? So, he finishes up the Bourne trilogy with the very awesome, as usual, Bourne Ultimatum. It’s over, too bad, now lets see him in something new. So he does some children’s TV voice work, The Informant(was not too impressed, especially since it was kinda competing with Burn After Reading), Invictus where he did great and was definitely showing some potential, and then he went back and did Green Zone.

Green Zone, soooooo, it’s Matt Damon not super bad ass and invincible but he’s still working for the government, just not the cool Black Ops government. He’s out in Iraq working for the para-prison military ;D Cool movie, definitely raised some questions, and kept it interesting. But come on Matt! Same director as the last two Bourne movies, and it’s a rogue agent military movie! WTF?! Gotta wait a little longer till people don’t expect you to fill the Bourne shoes again whenever  you’ve got an M16 in your hand or you’re working for the CIA again.

Anyways, aside from all that ;D Good movie, totally dug it. With all the clout and bull shit surrounding the Iraq War, 9/11, WMD’s, Osama Bin Laden, The War On Terror, it was cool to see a movie raising questions already, that isn’t a Michael Moore movie. ;D

Sooooo, I hope you all enjoy this blog post about me rambling about movies and directors, and producers, and actors, and rambling blah blah blah 😀 I can talk forever if you let me.

Next blog post will definitely be a bit more…… enticing ;D


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