Cybersocket’s Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow I leave for LA for 24 hrs.(wish it was longer) for the 11th annual CyberSocketWebAwards! The CyberSocket awards are for honoring the best GLBT actors and sites in the porn industry. Categories range from individual awards “Best Porn Star” and “Best Personality” to site awards “Best New Site” and “Best Original Content”. Winners of their category receive an Awesome looking award, no idea what it’s made of and haven’t really looked at NDS’ too closely, but I snagged a photo from their website 😀

You can find this photo and information on the location, and time of the awards at where you can also find photo galleries of past CyberSocket WebAwards.

Hopefully one day I can be nominated for an award, but until then I’m content with most of my friends in porn, and the amazing studios that I work with being up for multiple awards. 😀

Now, I may not be up for any awards for this event, but I will be on stage doing the next best thing. Award presenter! 😀 Soooooooo, somehow I got the position as award presenter, so I’ll be on stage shirtless in front of the many prestigious guests in attendance…. kinda nerve racking lol “But you’ve been naked in front of people before.” Yeah, but now I’m shirtless, on stage, the whole show, in front of my peers and potential future employers. Gotta bring the A game!

All in all though, I’m VERY excited about this and the opportunities that have been given to me. After the awards we go to The Factory for the Official CyberSocketWebAwards after party! The after party is open to EVERYONE, even YOU! So come by and join us in celebrating the hard work and effort that has been put in to producing massive amounts of porn in the year 2010 for all to enjoy! ;D

Here’s a link to a nice fancy web invite ;D

and somehow my name made it on that card! If I find one of those, I’m totally keeping it…. I don’t scrapbook, I don’t know what you’re talking about ;D But no really, I don’t. I’ll probably hold onto the card for awhile, start to clean my dresser at one point, find it, and throw it away…… but right now I think it’s pretty fucking awesome 😀

But what will you wear?! Uhhhhh, well, since I’m shirtless for the award presenting, I was just planning on wearing my awesome orange day-glo sneakers(not too sure how much they’ll like that ;D ) and some nice jeans(their suggestion). When I have to wear a shirt, I’m not too sure… I only own one orange shirt…. last minute shopping is in order lol

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this short little blurb of a blog posting…. don’t worry, I’m bringing my camera and playing photographer whenever I get the chance. Even when I’m going to be drinking….. So you if you don’t get to be there drunk off your ass with us, you’ll get mine and the other NDS exclusives drunk perspectives as we celebrate ;D

Love you all, and I can’t wait to tell you all about the (I’m sure) crazy shit that’s going to happen tomorrow! Oh, and in regards to people taking what I say too seriously I would like to say that I am in no way an expert in the field of web awards or the cybersockets, so don’t take anything I say as truth! There are links to the CyberSockets WebAwards page for factual information….. in fact, here they are again ;D

Just for you Dave ;D Probably shouldn’t have written this before I finished my coffee, RAWR! lol

Happy Jerking guys!


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