The New Year

Well, here we are again 😀 Except this time I have total writers block 🙁 So this blog post is probably going to be an un-edited rambling of the things running through my mind, lets see what we can catch ;D First off, I hope you all enjoyed your New Years Eve! I hung out with some new friends and made some even newer friends. Nothing too crazy, nice quiet little house party. I was tempted to go out and party it up, but I figured with the AVNs in a couple of days that I should save my energy…. and money lol So yes, I hope you all had fun whether you were hitting up the biggest party in your area or chillin’ at home rubbing one out ;D

I would have to say that I definitely enjoyed the holidays more than normal this go around, mostly due to the fact that they were pretty quiet and low stress. Didn’t have most of the family come up this year, they were all visiting in-laws and partners parents. When you’re 1 of 8, the holidays can get pretty crazy 😀

So 2010 was quite the eventful year for me. I got a job working at a gym, then I got a job working in porn, then I got laid off from my job at the gym, got a job at another gym, got put on “reserve”, not laid off or fired lol and then got my own website! Had some school mixed in there to occupy my time as well, but mostly the things I focused on were definitely porn career oriented 😀 I took the advice of Jasun Mark from Jake Cruise and started a Twitter account and a blog. I didn’t have much of anything else to do, working at the gyms didn’t take up much of my time and neither did school…. So I figured doing my own networking was my job 😀 As much fun as making porn is, it’s still technically work lol

All my efforts ended up paying off! 😀 My website just launched in December, and I’ve got even more time and even more motivation now. I’m excited to see what the New Year brings! From what I can see so far, just plenty of opportunities ;D Weekly home vids, weekly LIVE cam shows, weekly blog entries…. and that’s just to start! One thing I’ve always wanted to do was appearances 😀 All I’ve done so far is porn and socially network my ass off on line, and I saw all these other porn stars and models doing appearances, which I totally want to be a part of! It’s awesome to be able to talk to everyone on line, but I really enjoy being able to meet people in person! I’m just going to have to buy some platform shoes so no one notices how short I am in person ;D Whoa, just did a brief over look, soooo many smiley faces…. 😀 Just so you guys know I’m happy when you’re reading it. Can’t really put the inflections of a voice into text too well lol

There will be lots more to come this year for me, and you guys of course ;D I think we share in this experience quite a bit. I also hope there are things headed your way as well, good things! Opportunities to further yourselves! 😀 You don’t lose when you fall down, you lose when you don’t get back up. Lets get up and do some work on the year 2011!!!

I will see you all tomorrow night at 5PM PST for my live webcam show! It’s going to be a more intimate session, I’m planning on spending more time talking to all of you 😀 You’ve all got some great questions, and I haven’t had the chance to really interact with everyone because I’ve been so focused jerking off for you! lol So I’ll try to find that perfect balance

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the literally un-edited first draft ramblings blog post of my scrambled mind right now……

Whoa, that was long 😀

and I will see you all tomorrow if you can make it ;D

Samuel O’Toole

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