A New Adventure

Sooooo, I’m back again 😀 I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break, and I hope it wasn’t too hard to get back into the swing of things. Other students, I know most of you have another 3 weeks off, enjoy ;D

For me, I’m taking next semester off. I’m currently just waiting to find out whether I got accepted or not into the other schools, and I’m going to be focusing quite a bit on building my career. But before things get too crazy, I get to have some fun and inspiration 😀 The AEE , XBiz, and Phoenix Forum. Three awesome porn expos! I’m pretty damn excited lol

Starting January 6th I go to Las Vegas for the first time! I’m super excited about it 😀 Not only am I going to Vegas for the first time, but I get to go to my first porn award show/convention/expo/whatever the technical name for a large gathering of sex addicts is…. No, I’m not up for any awards this go around, I’m going mainly for marketing purposes, but I’m gonna have fun whether I’m working or not 😀

You can all expect a bunch of photos from that trip! We’re going to be there for 3 or 4 days, so I’m going to have plenty of time to find something to do while I’m there ;D Now, I had a few e mails from some fans, wondering why I wasn’t nominated in the Cybersocket awards or the GayVNs. The truth, I’m just too damn new lol The requirements to be nominated is a minimum of one year of working in the industry….. I’ve only got ten months 😀 I think that’s why I freak out so much about things like going to Vegas, a site, a fan base lol Everything still feels so new to me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to it, and I don’t want to 😀

So! Next year vote for me if I’m nominated, until then, vote for Nextdoor Studios and any of our friends lol That’s probably the biggest thing happening to me at the moment, aside from my new weekly web cam sessions 😀 Tuesdays 5 PM PST and 8 PM EST and I’m horrible with timezones so those are the only two I actually know…. hey, I haven’t had to have any experience with international timezones let alone north american timezones till now. So I’m doing my best ;D

But anyways, new porn! 😀 Just had the first update to my site, a new scene called “Calling The Pocket” with Brandon Lewis! First off, Brandon Lewis, awesome guy! I like to call him Sweet Tea for his awesome Georgia accent ;D and ’cause he’s such a sweet guy…. I know, corny as fuck, but it’s true! Brandon’s an awesome guy, and always a pleasure to see on a shoot, and man can he ride 😀

So the scene starts off with us playing some pool, which by the way I am completely horrible at. I hardly ever play it, so when I do it’s such a horrific experience for me I put it off until the next time I’m at a bar and talked into it and embarass myself again 😀 So yes, he legitimately won and whooped my ass… So I had to do some ass whoopin’ myself ;D

Not only did I have the update for my very own site, but a scene I did with Rod Daily and Parker London recently came out on NextDoor Buddies as well ;D You’ve seen me in a scene with Parker already, just imagine the fun we have with the comedy duo of Rod and Parker! These guys are a crack up together off and on camera, which I love! It definitely creates an awesome atmosphere to work in 😀 Although it can make it a little difficult to focus lol There were a couple times I’m going down on Rod and he cracks a joke, and then I’m guffawing on his dick, which isn’t the best sounding thing lol Hmmmm, I wonder how it felt?

Soooo, our scene called “Sammy Caught Spying On The Neighbors” is called that because, well, it’s the story line Rod, Parker, and I came up with lol I needed an excuse to have my dick out, and “you’re making porn, you’re supposed to have your dick out” doesn’t actually work all that well lol so we decided I’d  be spying on the neighbors getting it on and be jerking off to that. Well, spoiler alert, wanna know what I was actually looking at? The telescope was indeed pointed at the neighbors house, it was pointed at their pool, but there was no one home 🙁 So there I am, jerking off to the basketball hoop that’s next to their pool. Not that inspiring, so I was glad to get to the real action between Rod, Parker, and myself 😀

Oh! There’s a new interview with me on the NextDoor Studios site! If you’re ever interested in what NextDoor has got going on, besides my awesome new site ;D , you can check their news updates at nextdoorstudios.com You can also check out behind the scenes videos, and get exclusive content there as well!

Well! That’s all I’ve got for now…. until a couple of hours and then I’ll be LIVE! 😀 on my webcam doing another show for all of you! But first I wanted to say have a Happy New Years if I don’t see you tonight, and I hope you enjoy these two new scenes ;D I got to work with some very sexy, enjoyable men for these two scenes, and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did!

Have a Happy New Year! Safe travels to all of you and have FUN!!!! 😀

Once again, I hope you all enjoy the ramblings of what I have to come and what I’ve enjoyed doing!

Until next time ;D


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