Showing the Ropes

Hey Everybody!

Soooo, as I’ve said before bunch of new things happening for me. New web site, and all the fun stuff that comes with it 😀 I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but I tweeted a video on twitter for the beginning of the holidays. Wasn’t anything too crazy, just my step brother and I saying Happy Holidays. But the cool thing is that it was done with the handy dandy Flip Cam that NextDoor Studios gave to me to record all kinds of random stuff that I do through out my day. Give you guys an un edited peek into the life of Samuel O’Toole.

But, I’m not the type of person to want to put un edited videos online, soooo, I’m trying my hardest to find a video to just put up, but for right now I’ve got a bunch of clips that I want to put together to make mini story lines or little compilations with music and what not lol

I know, they’re already telling me I’m getting a little too into it ;D

School is almost done! I know, a little random to just bring up, but in my life school is pretty important. I’m finishing up this semester and plan on taking the up and coming semester off, for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t need the extra units and I don’t need to take any classes until I get in to State. But the main reason, Porn!

I’ve never had my own porn site before, or decided on a regular schedule of blogging, video blogging, and doing live webcam shows. So this is all very new to me, and I’m not sure how much time I’m going to need to devote to it along with the other obligations one has in their life. So I decided to make it my main focus! 😀 It’s going to take a minute to get everything figured out and dialed in, but it’s going to happen!

Not only is it the amount of time I’ll need to devote to the site, but also to being more visible in the industry. There are a few industry expos coming up, that I’ll be attending for the first time 😀 The one I’m the most excited about, the Adult Entertainment Expo(AEE) which is in Las Vegas! There are a few things that I still haven’t done by the age of 23, that shock the pants off of everyone. First, I’ve never been to a strip club, gay or straight. Second, I’ve never been to Vegas. I know, pretty crazy shit, right? I’ve just never had the opportunity yet to be able to do either, and didn’t have any reason to really push hard to do them, soooooo. That brings us to now 😀

I’m gonna do a wolf pack speech and everything! lol

So the next couple months are going to be crazy as all hell!

In the craziness and confusion of doing a shoot right before Thanksgiving, and then Thanksgiving craziness, and then jumping back into school and realizing I only had like a week and a half left, a scene of mine came out on NextDoor Buddies 😀

I know, I know, I’ve been a horrible guide on my sex adventures the past two scenes, but don’t worry I’ll be making up for it ;D

The first scene that I missed was the four way I did with Paul Wagner, James Jamesson, and Tyler Ford. From the feedback I got from some of you on that scene, you guys really liked it ;D and I’m glad for that! That had been a scene I had been wanting to happen for a while. Well, specifically one of the scene partners, a Mr. Paul Wagner.

I first met Paul when I first started doing porn, at a NextDoor Studios shoot. It was a small shoot, and a great time. Being one of my first shoots, I was blown away by what I experienced there. You get into a business, and have stereotypes and pre conceived notions of how people will act…. Only to be blown away by the mold breaker 😀

Paul was, and still is, and amazingly kind person. He has a natural attraction to him that makes you feel at ease and amazingly comfortable around him. It may be the shyness he exudes, or the cute smile he has got ;D But Paul Wagner is still one of my favorite people in the industry to get to see! It’s always a pleasant treat to hear that he’ll be around.

Soooo, this scene ;D Paul was actually the first model that I told the Studio heads that I wanted to do a scene with. It took a while, but it happened! Now maybe we can work out a one on one scene lol

The next scene that I missed was the one I did with Zach Alexander, and Nate Kennedy, called Welcuming(ahhh, cliche porn words) a first timer. This was a fun scene to shoot, I had a great time with Zach and Nate. But what makes this scene stand out to me, isn’t the scene material, but more the story line.

The general gist of the story line is that I’m Samuel O’Toole and I’m going to help out my new friend, and show him the ropes of doing porn…. because I’ve done porn for a while now and I know what I’m doing, I think I know what I’m doing? lol

But anyways, the ironic thing is… this was like my second or third actual sex scene that I ever did. I think this was from my second shoot? lol NextDoor doesn’t really have scripts or story lines written before the shoot starts, I know! Crazy, right?! ;D So, our amazing videographer, who is also unfortunately recently retired, pulls this story line out of thin air and runs with it. At the moment I was so confused and embarassed, because I didn’t see what he did, and I didn’t see myself fitting in the story line. Me?! Veteran porn star showing a friend the ropes and helping him out? I felt so awkward when doing the B roll! lol

I just had to place faith in our videographer, which I did, and it has done nothing but great things for me 😀

I’m 99.9% he doesn’t read this, but I’d still like to say that he is missed, and everything he has done is greatly appreciated! 😀

As usual, I hope you all enjoy the rambling tangents that I tend to run off on, and you can always expect more 😀


P.S. I tried to put some photos in 🙁 But we’re still working on getting the bugs worked out, background, posting photos, making more pages, and adding categories and what not lol

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