NextDoor Studios Stud: Sammy O and Bryan Cole!

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Today we’ve got a scene for you from my site,

Hanging out with another one of my new room mates from craigslist, you know what that means.

It really seems like if we don’t have an idea for a scene we automatically go for sleeping and wake him up…… I like sleeping.

Remember what I said in the on the set? Bling bling on the ding a ling. I was so afraid of tugging on that the wrong way, or worse, giving him an infection from the bacteria that’s in a human mouth. I see cock piercings like nipple piercings. Extremely soft and sensitive skin, that takes forever to heal, and everybody wants to put their mouths on them which usually results in an infected piercing. Hooray!

I took a shower and those are brand new socks, he really wasn’t a fan of feet.

Or I think but crack sniffing either. I get really embarassed about the little swirls my butt hairs make lol

My butt’s so sensitive it’s like one of those ancient chinese earth quake detectors. Slightest movement and it goes off…….

So scared, so scared, so scared. I’ve got a gnarly over bite that makes it hard for me to not scrape my teeth, much less catch the ends of that barbell 🙁

Bryan on the other hand, you could tell he is much better at this than me 😀

Good thing he didn’t have is ass pierced, I don’t know if I would have been able to go as easy on his ass than I did his dick ;D

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