On The Set with Samuel O’Toole and Bryan Cole!

Hey everybody! I’ve got a NEW On The Set for you guys this week!

If you’re not familiar with the On The Set videos, they are an exlcusive Behind The Scenes look into the photographs and filming of the scenes that we film for you guys! You can check out my previous On The Set preview films on my site HERE.

Now that’s just the previews! If you sign up to my site at www.samuelotoole.com you’ll get not only the actual scene when it comes out, but you’ll also get access to the photosets of the scene, the FULL On The Set videos, and the On The Set photos as well! It’s a great opportunity to get a peek into the work day of one of the NextDoor Studios models and see how “Hard” our jobs really are ;D It’s the best content, and the best quality. The On The Set videos are streamed for viewing in High Definition, to give you the clearest and sharpest video we can get you guys. The videos are also available for download in full 1080p!

If you haven’t quite decided yet, check out these photos from this weeks On The Set with me, Samuel O’Toole!

Today we’ve got a special scene for you, a scene that I had quite the fun time in! Plus, we’ve got a bit of bling bling in the scene too!

They kept catching me with these affirmative looks on my face lol This was me confirming that Bryan could in fact suck cock well ;D

I did my best to try and do as well as he did, but his piercing had me a bit nervous. See it, the blinging jewelry on his glans.

I kinda like body jewelry personally, I just know that I could never do it again. Too much scar tissue in the nipples now anyways lol

Once again, very matter of fact and probably having a conversation with the camera. Huh….

I hope you guys all enjoyed these recent photos from On The Set! This was a hot and steamy scene, and I hope you all really enjoy it! As I’m sure you guys can tell I had a blast making this scene for you guys, and I hope you all enjoy jerking off to it! It’s only one week till the scene goes live, so I hope you can all wait that long! In the mean time you can always check out past On The Set videos or check out one of my past scenes! They’re all just as hot! How about now, think you’re ready for it? Put in BUDDY33OFF for a special discount to my site!

Until next time guys, I hope you enjoy this New On The Set post and keep on jerking it!

Oh! Guess what’s going down tomorrow?! That’s right! The year has come full circle! It is now time for the event we’ve all been waiting for! Well, I’ve been waiting for it.

Yep, The Folsom Street Fair is back in the streets of San Francisco! Get ready to see and experience some of the most eye opening things in the world! I hope to see you there!


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