Shooting, what about you?

Hey everybody! How’ve you all been? Good, good, that’s actually great to hear!

There, now that the small talk is out of the way we can get down to business.

It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks, I’ve been busting ass to get my car put back together. I’ve had it all torn apart to rebuild the carburetor, fix some studs on the motor, fix the tail lights, and do a removable rear apron mod.

Man oh man, it’s been fun! It’s a good thing I can look at it that way too. Otherwise this would be getting old quick lol I think that’s mainly due to the fact that I have my motorcycle to be able to ride around on. SO that helps.

But yeah, rebuilt the carburetor which wasn’t too difficult. It was actually my first time. Yeah, I know. Most vehicles I’ve owned have all been fuel injected, so I’ve never needed to bother with it. It came out a success and was working better than expected when I had it hooked up and running. The car died after I got home from the last test drive. Turns out a wire that was attached to the carb had vibrated loose and shorted out. Now I need to find the electrical gremlins and kill the little bastards.

Fuel pump, ah yes, the fuel pump. Sooooooo, my car has been owned by people of varying degrees of intelligence and work ethic. I’ve got duct tape holding most of the interior car together, which was probably my worst experience ever. They taped up a bunch of random shit in the car, instead of replacing the seals and what that needed to be. That’s the interior.

The motor is a completely different story. Somebody went through and yes, technically fixed things, they definitely broke other things making their “fixes” useless. Like my fuel pump. Somebody had rebuilt it, but when they put it back on snapped off the head of the stud that goes into the block of the motor. So I had to take most of it apart to get the fuel pump out, then pull that stud out. Luckily enough I had an extra stud in my toolbox that was just the right length to work, so I didn’t have to go on some shitty crazy parts hunt.

Too bad I don’t have the part for this fix.

Yeah, for some reason one of the previous owners thought that it would be a good idea to weld the muffler to the header. I’m not too sure exactly why, because when I went to pull the motor with the exhaust on it the muffler prevented me from even pulling the motor away from the transmission. Shitty, so what’d I do? I cut that bitch off…… with my strong hand. Just kidding, I used a 3″ electric cut off wheel.

So, my bad ass tune up is done and the car seems to be running well now. I just have to figure out how to get it started now. Luckily enough, we have the internet. I can find out the answer to most of my questions within minutes 😀

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