Toole Time!

Hey everybody! First, let me say that I’m glad to be back and blabbering on about random BS in my life and my days. I just finished up this summer semester which was running me pretty ragged!

Normally a regular semester is about 4 months long, I did a pretty in depth class in a summer semester, about 1.5 months. Yeah, shit was pretty hardcore. It wasn’t even really the material that was too difficult to learn. It was a Food Nutrition course for Health Care Professionals in regards to treating symptoms of diseases and infections. So, I guess technically it could be considered difficult material to learn, but for me, it was more the short amount of time I had to learn the stuff and how often we were getting tested on it. Two weeks in, and we had our first test, waited a bit, then had our second test, essentially a midterm. The very next week, we had a quiz on Tuesday and the final on Thursday. Yeah, we had about a week to learn 3 new chapters of material, and also study the previous material we were tested on for our cumulative final.

So, yeah, I’m pretty happy I was able to survive all that. It got pretty intense there the past couple of days, I spent all this week studying, and studying, and studying. I literally didn’t do anything other than study and go to class. All my time was spent writing out notes, re reading chapters, I’m a hardcore student man lol

Finally got the picture of my car loaded up onto my laptop, this is brunhelda, and the girl that rode her bicycle that didn’t have brakes right into the side of my car.

Yeah, so, I’m pretty upset about all the damage that was done to her. I was found not at fault in the incident, and it turns out the girl that hit me has health insurance so she most likely didn’t get stuck with a super high medical bill. I’m still not sure if I want to pursue reimbursement for the damages done to my car, but the more I stare at the gnarly dents in my car, the more I wish it looked better and the girl had been a bit smarter with her decisions. The girl obviously didn’t care about her safety enough to ride a bike with brakes, why should I suffer because of her disregard for her safety?

Let me know if you’ve got a good retort for that one @samuelotoolexxx

The bright side of things is that I’m going to be doing a bunch of body work anyways, so I’m just sort of waiting to get all the tools together to be able to fix all this myself. Main thing I’m waiting for is the nail gun and slide hammer that are on my wish list. It’s a “stud welder” tee hee.

I’ve actually got a lot of experience with one of those. When I was in high school I was in an ROP program, regional occupational program, one of those classes that teaches high schoolers a vocational skill to prepare them for the workforce without college. Never thought I was going to be a student again…. So, I used one of those bad boys on my Camaro at the time and made it look quite pretty once again ;D Errrr, awesome, not pretty lol

Well, next semester doesn’t start for about a month now and it’s a normal semester, so hopefully I won’t be so MIA for a bit!

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