New Scene! Watch Me with Samuel O’Toole!

Hey everybody!

I’ve got a something special for you all today! I’ve got an awesome scene update for you guys today!

On my site, we give you some of the hottest updates bi-monthly, or twice a month, on Saturdays! What better thing to do with your first day of the weekend than to spend it with your pants around your ankle and your cock in your hand?! Wait, you don’t have to answer that, it’s a rhetorical question. Especially since we all know that if you’re reading my blog, there really isn’t anything better than spending a day with your pants around your ankles!

But what do we do with the other Saturday? That’s when my On The Set portions are released, giving you a special behind the scenes look into the making of the following Saturdays scene update! You can check out the On The Set videos Here!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to check out who we were able to talk into sitting on my cock!

Well, this weekend it’s actually a solo for you guys! But! This is a pretty special scene for a very special fan! I got this really cool watch in the mail for my birthday from my Amazon Wish List!

So! In return, I did what he asked, use it in a scene! I hope he likes it! 😀

Isn’t it pretty  cool?! So get this, when you hit one of the buttons on the side it tells you the time in a red LCD screen and it scrolls across. But it gets better!

What?! No way! You might say, but yes, way. But that’s not all, it gets better! Along with the fancy scrolling time, you can program in your own message that scrolls across after it! You get all the letters of the english alphabet, numbers, and a few pretty cool symbols as well!

After receiving such a cool gift I couldn’t help but do something special for him! Besides, I really appreciated the watch and the fact that he liked it enough to buy it for me was pretty awesome. I would just like to thank Xavier once again for such an awesome gift, and let him know that it meant alot to me that he purchased it for me!

I hope that people don’t think that I don’t appreciate the gifts that people get me from my Amazon wish list, because I do! I really like them all! The shoes were always a nice surprise, but lately I’ve been asking for things I can really use!

Tools! Tools everywhere! Yep, I’ve been asking for tools lately! It’s pretty funny actually, I’ll let you see my tool for tools 😀 But no, really, I really like getting the tools the best! I get all excited when I see they’re in the mail! I can honestly say that out of all the Wish List gifts I’ve received I use them the most, need them the most, and get the most excited about them lol

Well, I hope you all like this tool! I know I like my tools 😀

I hope you didn’t blow that load all over your stomach already! You haven’t even had the chance to see the whole video yet!

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I hope you all enjoyed my hard fat cock, delicious bubble butt, and all the pain and pleasure we had with it!

Until next time,


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