Eventful Day of Pride

First off, let me apologize for slacking so hard! I’ve had quite the crazy week!

You guys are never going to guess what happened to me.

Let me start with the end of last week on Saturday. So I had stayed up till 3 am working on my car to get it finished and out of the garage so that I could go to Pride on Sunday. Which took me all day, I had put a disc brake kit on my car and had rebuilt the rear brakes and ran into all kinds of snags with that project. But! Nothing I couldn’t overcome.

So Sunday I went to Pride with some friends and their family. Basically a group of lesbians lol Which was fine with me, I get along with lesbians fairly well 😀 and most of them didn’t know what I did for work. So, when people would come up to me and get a little too close and grabby one of the ladies would usually come up and cock block like a boss, pissing off the guy who would be talking to me. Which usually resulted on them trying to talk shit to her and getting shut down real quick lol

Lesbians are tough women, they gotta be. I also kind of appreciated it because I didn’t go to Pride to work. Yeah, I know, hey look at the pornstar! Let’s take a picture with him…….. If I want to take pictures with people I’ll set up a booth and stand in the booth in my underwear and take pictures with you. But when I’m out there in my street clothes, fully clothed, looking like a regular person. I want to be a regular person, I want to be able to relax and hang out with my friends and just check out all the fun stuff at Pride. I want to do what you’re doing, minus the asking me for my picture.

Now, I probably sound like an ass hole, but it’s kind of true. I didn’t go to any Pride events this year because I wanted to be able to a) Go to school without any hassle for the summer. and b) I wanted to experience Pride for myself. I have only been to 1 Pride event where I didn’t have to work in any way. This last one. Even at the previous SF Pride, I was taking pictures with people when I was there with my friends. They didn’t enjoy it too much, so, like I said. If I’m at a booth, I don’t mind. But I don’t like making my friends feel uncomfortable or feel pushed aside. I came there to spend time with them, just like you all go to the events to spend time with your friends.

All in all, I had a great time at Pride this year, I hope no one got offended with my friend’s amazing cock blocking skills or by me not taking photos with people! But if you’re going to let something so insignificant as that ruin your time, you probably should’ve stayed home ;D

All right, let’s get you some new scenes to look at!

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