The Swing of Things

You know, that would be an awesome title for a porn or at least a blog post about a porn scene. Unfortunately, this is neither. It’s a blog post about the old saying “getting back into the swing of things”. Not literally it, once again not one of those blog posts.

Yep, you guessed it. This is going to be a rambling blog post of mine filled with plenty of tangents and me blathering about my days. Can you imagine how fast all this comes out? I stutter sometimes on what I’m saying because my mouth can’t keep up with how fast my brain is saying things. But anyways, the swing of things.

I started school last week, Tuesday actually. Which coincidentally enough was also my first day of the shoot! Yep, I’d make porn in the morning, run a few errands after, and then hit up my class. Sometimes leaving right after a scene to ride like the wind to school. I have to say though, smashing on the back roads is really fun. I just don’t like doing it when I feel rushed 🙁

Wasn’t late to class though, which is super important. There’s some rules in the junior college that if you miss more than something like 20% of the total time in the semester you can fail the class. So, that’s like 3 full classes. In a full semester. We’re in a summer semester right now, which means you can only miss one full class. Anything more than that and the instructor can start lowering your grade or fail you. So yeah, kinda stressed out a bit lol

But! I made it through the first week without any hitches and am having a great time in the class so far……. so far. I’ve got a quiz today lol Haven’t really been studying too much either yet 🙁  I’m blaming my procrastination on recovering from the shoot and Father’s Day. I gained a moment but lost a work day, it was worth it. But I still haven’t studied.

My plans? Workout and study after writing this, then hit up class, then crash early. I think my car parts come in today 😀 What?! More?! Am I restoring the whole bug?! No, not yet. But a lot of main components are getting some TLC done to them. Like, the brakes. I know, I just replaced the brake master cylinder, so now we’ve got some pressure going. Bit of a problem with that though, we have a new part pumping out more pressure than the old one, and sending all that pressure to 38 yr. old drum brakes. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with drum brakes, but there’s really just a bunch of random shit in there. It seems like the whole thing is held together by a bunch of springs.

Just got a disc brake conversion kit for the front brakes and ordered hardware for the rear brakes with some new pads for it 😀 So hopefully the brakes will be a bit more ready for the new master cylinder. Still got the windows to do though. I know I’ve been slacking on that one, it’s the first job on it I had all the parts for it lol

Well, time to stop procrastinating and get started with my day! Have fun with yours!


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