Wrapping Up The Phoenix Forum and BS West

Hey everybody!

So, if you’ve been reading my past few blog posts then you’ll know that I’m at The Phoenix Forum in very, very, very sunny Arizona. It’s been about 80 degrees F the past few days, and sunny. I definitely haven’t been used to that yet. I show up and I’m easily one of the palest models there, except for maybe James Jamesson 😀

Luckily enough having some Spanish blood makes it a bit easy for me to pick up a tan, but my Irish blood makes it real easy for me to get sun burnt 😀 Which made for a bit of a dilemma, sit in the tent and not enjoy the pool and beautiful weather or risk it all and enjoy myself.

Since it has been raining and overcast and an average of the mid 50’s where I live, I chose the latter. Risk it all and burn my ass off. Wednesday, fine. Thursday, fine. Friday, fine. Today, definitely started to feel a bit tender and the heat of the sun on my back, face is a bit red as well. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, I might be a lizard for the next couple of weeks lol Shedding my skin, let’s just hope that I don’t grow my tail back! Wait, what? Tail? Awkward moment……. 😀

So, The Phoenix Forum. Man, this place will keep you on your toes. It definitely has the potential to suck you in and wear you down lol It’s tons of fun, but busy, busy, busy. We had our show that we did again this year. The men of NextDoor strip show with a very fun auction to go with it 😀 Yep, we each had our own song and a few of us did couple dances and we stripped down to our underwear and then auctioned the underwear off.

Anyways, new topic, hmmmmmm, ah yes, BS West! I’ll be attending the closer party that NextDoor will be involved with at BS West, where I’ll also be doing a bit of dancing myself! Look out for me on a box! lol Yep, it’s also a stop for the NextDoor Porn Star Tour so there will be plenty of give aways from NextDoor, but I’m also pretty sure that FleshJack will be there as well. Haven’t had the chance to check out any of the FleshJack products? Come on down to the club, I’m sure we’ll have plenty to show you! ;D

Oh! It’s BS West in Tempe, Arizona! 😀

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