Where In The World Is Samuel O’Toole?

At this very moment I’m in my hotel room in good ol’ Austin, Texas! Yep, not specifically here for South by SouthWest, but partially for SxSW. I’m a big fan of music, and I’ve got a few friends that have come to town to perform, and so have I. I just won’t be playing any instruments ;D

I’ll be dancing at Rain on 4th with Parker Perry! Wait, Parker Perry? Yep, my good old buddy Parker Perry! I had the privilege of doing an awesome scene with him a while back, so I’m glad to finally be able to see him again! He’s such a sweetheart, definitely one of the nicer people in porn!

So, you’re probably saying, wait, wasn’t Brent Everett supposed to be there? Uh, apparently, but I guess apparently not. lol Some kids are just too cool for school ;D I’m just teasing, I honestly have no idea why he’s unable to join us, I just hope he’s ok and it’s nothing too serious keeping him from having a great time with us out on the streets of Austin.

No, not on the streets like we’ll be walking the streets, well, we might be walking around on the streets, but we’re definitely not street walkers….. is that the technical term? lol

I dunno, either way, I’m super excited for this, I’ve never had the opportunity to come to such a large event, so I’m ecstatic about this! I just wish I were here longer! My buddies metal band is playing, and me being such a Dub head I already know which DJs I want to see since I’m here. But then it clicks….. “You’re working, the shows start when your show starts and most of the DJs and bands will be done by the time you’re done.”

Damn it! Common sense likes to ruin all the fun! 🙁

It’s ok though, living so close to SF and it having a pretty good music scene for electronic producers I know they’ll make it back my way soon.

But that brings me to another point, one of my favorite producers, MartyParty, he’s touring for his new album he just put out. Guess what, he’s playing in SF tomorrow night, when I was supposed to be dancing in New Orleans, so I’ll be missing that one too. Luckily enough though, he’s playing in SF fairly often either solo or in one of his groups that I know he’ll come around too.

But these events, me traveling, that doesn’t happen too often, so I’m willing to miss all these fantastic events, to try and provide you all with equally fantastic events for YOU! 😀

But, yeah, so we were supposed to be in New Orleans tomorrow night. Yeah, I was pretty excited about, had never been there. Turns out, they weren’t that excited about us coming……

Yeah, this event had been planned for some time, advertising done and all. But the club decided that yesterday, or sometime too late, was a great time to contact us and cancel the event. Oh, ok. Great, thanks guys.

I’m not one to slander names, so I’ll leave you guys to figure that one out, but I’ve got no problem saying the things that they do lol

Anyways, if you want to see any of the NextDoor models in New Orleans, let your favorite club know ;D

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