Settling in…… Again.

Well, here we are again, new house, trying to get situated and juggle what everyone likes to call, Life.

Phew, I can’t wait for the next two months to be over, this shit is going to be crazy! I’m looking forward to all the fun I’m going to get to have, but I also know it’s going to be A LOT of traveling, which usually tends to kick my ass lol

So, coming up for the month of March and April we have the NextDoor Studios and Fleshjack Tour coming up!

This is tentatively what my part of the tour looks like!

March 15th – Austin, TX

March 16th – New Orleans, LA

March 17th – Orlando, FL w/ Marcus Mojo

March 23rd – San Diego, CA

March 24th – San Francisco, CA

April 13th- Baltimore, MD w/ Brody Wilder

April 14th- Indianapolis, IN w/Brody Wilder

April 18th- Boston, Mass w/ Brody Wilder

This is going to be the most I’ve traveled in such a short period of time.

Sooooo, I wrestled when I was younger. Which wasn’t all that easy on my body, giving me all kinds of nice little kinks in my back from hyperextensions, being dropped on my head. All sorts of fun stuff. So sitting in those horrible chairs for 4-6 hours and not being able to move the whole time. Kills me, I get on a plane walking fine, I walk off like I’m 84. I’ll probably be a legal midget if I make it to 84, I’m gonna be one of those shrinking old guys lol

Needless to say, I usually make an appointment with my chiropractor as soon as I’m back home lol

So, my new place, I like it much better. Only one other room mate. He’s the owner of the house, yep, he’s straight. First question most people ask lol Then they proceed to tell me I should convert him. Uhhhhhh, no, I learned at a young age it’s not good to go fucking your room mates ;D Plus I’m not into the whole converting deal. You have to kinda coerce people into things, I’m more of a “I got it if you want it” kind of person.

My room is a bit smaller, but I think I made better use of it. It’s a pretty cool house, definitely a fixer upper, but with two males below the age of 35 it’s perfect. Plus it’s a lot cheaper to live here. The regular rent rate is lower, utilities are lower. Simple living, which I’m fine with, I grew up this way lol

The Crown Vic is still laid up 🙁 Plus I had a ticket that I got for the front window tint. Soooooo, I decide to go pay it. Guy at the courts tells me I can get a reduced fine for removing the window tint and gives me an extension. I slack for a month, take one window off and realize it’s a PITA. So I decide I’m going to have a shop remove the other side, and I slack more on it. Transmission goes out, car is stuck, and now the extension runs out. Make some money, get another extension, now it’s time to drop the $1200 on my Black Beauty and get her back on the road.

I once had a friend that said that the guys who drive the big trucks are compensating for their little dicks, and the guys with big dicks usually drive the cool cars. I can agree with that statement, my car is pretty cool ;D

I just did the mental math today, and I was pretty surprised by this. So, I spend $5-$6 for a tank of gas which is usually a little over a gallon. On that gallon I can go from 75-85 miles, over a 100 miles if I keep it under 55 mph and shift low.

Let’s just say I can get 80 mpg on my motorcycle.

I usually get 260 miles out of 16 gallons in the Crown Vic. Puts me at about 16 mpg, sometimes as high as 17 mpg. Uhhhhhh, shit, so I’m getting way better gas mileage in the motorcycle, obviously. But get this, I fill up just as often on my motorcycle, every 2-3 days. So instead of spending almost a $180 a week on gas I only spend about $15-$20. What the fuck, why haven’t I been riding my motorcycle more often?! Oh, almost forgot about the lady today who swerved into my lane and I had to avoid going about 70 mph on the freeway on a motorcycle that doesn’t weigh more than 300 lbs. with a full tank. I almost had to retire prematurely 😀

Gotta be a little crazy to ride a motorcycle full time ;D

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