Is it Day 1 or Day 2?

Wait, soooooooo, technically the first day we were in Costa Rica we spent it traveling and laying around. We spent it laying around because like I stated in the previous post, we had our asses up for over 24 hours. By the time we were having dinner I was sitting there blankly staring off into the distance with food falling off my fork.

The beers throughout the day probably didn’t help either.

Sooooooo, somehow I sort of recovered after I metabolized a bit of food. So we decided that it was time to find some ”                ” and ”      ” up a nice fat ”          ”  and burn one. Sounded like the perfect plan. So, we head to the sports bar close to where we’re staying and we sat around, had a few more beers, a couple shots of tequila, and oddly enough we were able to watch some of the UFC fights! lol That was definitely kinda random for me. BUT! The SUPER BOWL is today! and yet we’re in Costa Rica, not sure if we’re going to be spending much time on that one.

Well, we are Americans, I suppose it is our duty to at least watch part of it, if not the half time show. Which apparently is Madonna, and they got upset about her planning on singing some song with a risque title, “Girls gone Wild” or something like that. Whatever, it’s fucking Madonna. If she wants to get the train run on her on the stage for the half time show, I’m going to be upset I wasn’t there for that. Madonnna is THE SHIT, in other words, pretty fucking awesome.

Yeah, I’d hit it. I thought Madonna was hot when I was like 13, yeah, right at that age when you start getting a lot more hard ons and you’re jerking off as much as you can lol Hell, at that age I could’ve run the train on her myself ;D

Oh wait, Costa Rica, well, we go from the sports bar to the gay bar. It’s called Liquid Lounge, it’s not a whomp whomp disco disco gay club, but it definitely has alcohol, a DJ, gay men, and a trough urinal so you can stare at each others dicks. Come on, it’s not a gay bar unless there’s either one large unisex bathroom, a trough urinal, or both.

The men were cute, and also not cute, and polite, and also not polite. So, it’s your typical gay bar lol But I definitely did have fun there! We got to meet some really cool people and make some new friends.

We met a guy whose last night it was in Costa Rica, who is from Berkley lol

Definitely a random event! We also met some other people from the states where it was there first night in Costa Rica! Oddly enough though, I lost interest in them real quick. When I’m in Costa Rica, I’m not looking to speak English to other Americans. I’m looking to immerse myself in the people and the culture. So yeah, in my drunken excitement I went running off and found other people to talk to! lol

So far, I’m having a blast here in Costa Rica, and I can’t wait to experience it even more! We’ve got a beach trip planned today!

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