In case you haven’t noticed

I’m still slacking pretty hard.

So, thought I was in the clear with a new place to look forward to moving into, but no such luck!

The potential house had two other room mates which are two female massage therapists who work out of the house. It would have been a great pairing. They were both very polite, open minded, and we shared a lot of the same interests. So it really would’ve been like moving in with friends that I didn’t know I had lol

Unfortunately, with their job comes stigmas and stereotypes about sex. Since they both ran their businesses out of the house, they were a little uncomfortable with the idea of having a porn star move into the house. Which in turn has its own stigmas and stereotypes about sex. We didn’t want to take the chance of tarnishing their businesses reputations, well, really their livelihoods, by having me move into the house.

I totally understand and respect their concerns and decisions.

That definitely doesn’t mean I like the answer lol

It bummed me out a bit, but it really just pushed me to look harder and to keep going. I don’t have the luxury of sitting on my ass and waiting till something falls into my lap. I’ve never been taught to act that way, and I’ve never enjoyed just waiting for things to happen. I enjoy things more when I feel like I contributed to them, or I actually earned them.

So, what did I do?

Found two more places to look at before I left for Costa Rica today….. errrr, yesterday. Yes, yesterday. We’ll get into that.

So I went and checked out the two places.

The first house.

Pretty chill, I would have only one room mate, turns out it’s the owner of the house. He bought the house 8 months ago and is looking for someone to help pay for it and split some utilities with. I was very surprised, he didn’t ask me what I did for work, how old I was, anything. I asked all the questions lol

“So, what are you looking for in a house mate?”

“Someone who pays the rent and bills on time.” Yeah, that’s pretty much all he said lol

The Second House.

I would have 3 room mates, all female lol and oddly enough I spoke at one of their classes at the local State University, so they remembered my face but couldn’t make the connection until I told them what I do for work. Which they seemed really fine with, oddly enough.

So, I dunno, got some big decisions to make once I get back from Costa Rica.

Yep, in the humid and rainy CR right now, and loving every minute of it!

We left SFO at 12am and landed in El Salvador at 9am, then landed in San Jose, Costa Rica at 11am and now here I am at 1pm writing a blog post, ready to pass the fuck out. I’ve been up for more than 24 hours. I forgot how draining that could be since I haven’t been pulling 48 hour long ambulance shifts for about 3 years now. Don’t miss the sleep depravation!

So, my plan for this week, take tons of photos and write some pretty epic blog posts about this wonderful and beautiful country!

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