Samuel O’ New Scene Update!

Hey everybody!

I’ve got a something special for you all today! I’ve got an awesome scene update for you guys today!

On my site, we give you some of the hottest updates bi-monthly, or twice a month, on Saturdays! What better thing to do with your first day of the weekend than to spend it with your pants around your ankle and your cock in your hand?! Wait, you don’t have to answer that, it’s a rhetorical question. Especially since we all know that if you’re reading my blog, there really isn’t anything better than spending a day with your pants around your ankles!

But what do we do with the other Saturday? That’s when my On The Set portions are released, giving you a special behind the scenes look into the making of the following Saturdays scene update! You can check out the On The Set videos Here!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to check out this scene!

This scene starts off with me unassumingly sitting on a toilet in a stall with the door wide open ;D

Who knows, maybe someone will see ;D

Whatever they see, they’re going to get quite the eye full! Maybe like this shot! My fat cock slung over my leg in my tight white trunks ;D

Man, those lights are super bright lol I hope my expression isn’t too funky in that shot ;D

Even with how small I am, it’s hard to find a pose in a bathroom stall lol

We certainly did our best to work in some fun ones ;D Can you spot Waldo? Down there, poking out the bottom 😀

Well, that’s certainly not one of my better expressions ;D But at least you get an idea of what I’ll look like laying on my back with a hard cock plowing my ass!

My tight hole getting stretched and gaped, can you imagine it? ;D Watching it press through and slowly disappear, probing deep into my hole ;D

Having fun yet?

I love stroking my raging hard cock, especially when I’m close and it’s so hard it almost hurts. Quick little shaft rubs and I can feel the quiver start deep at the base of my cock as tightens up. The little electric sensation explodes and courses through my body.

Orgasms, my favorite thing in the world ;D

I hope you didn’t blow that load all over your stomach already! You haven’t even had the chance to see the whole video yet!

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I hope you all enjoyed my hard fat cock, delicious bubble butt, and all the pain and pleasure we had with it!

Until next time,


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