The Life & Times of Samuel O’Toole

Ahhhhhh, life.

Comes with many trials and tribulations, and some tend to repeat themselves…….

The most commonly occuring……. humans.

Wow, that sounds very pessimistic right now.

Ok, so maybe they’re not quite on the trials and tribulations scale, but they’re definitely an everyday interaction that can shape your life and you as a person.

I’m gonna be honest, I was a little apprehensive about having room mates given my last experience with room mates. Let’s just say for now, it wasn’t a great experience.

But there’s a big difference between my room mates from before, and my room mates now. Maturity level, and life experience. So I said “What the hell, let’s do it!” and I did.

Oddly enough, me being the emotional hand grenade that I am, I’m not at either end of a dispute right now. Stuck in the middle actually, well, I don’t know if I’m necessarily stuck in the middle, but it definitely effects me.

Sooooo, first room mate experience. This gets interesting ;D

Ok, I had four other people living with me in a four bedroom house. Me and a college student upstairs, a college student downstairs, and in the master bedroom we had the couple. The house we lived in was owned by the mother of the girl in the couple.

I actually ended up in the house because I went to school with the guy and the girl that were dating, so I thought it would be a good place to live. Uhhhhh, no.

First off, I’m a fairly neat person. I like the kitchen to be clean, the trash to be emptied regularly, and for there to be dishes for everyone to use.

We had ants, fruit flies, regular flies, never any clean dishes, and no one but me would do the dishes. I couldn’t keep up with basically cleaning up after four kids. Respect to the mothers in the world. Or at least whomever cleans up after the kids…..

Anyways, so yeah, one of the room mates would actually leave the dirty dishes in their room instead of bringing them out to the kitchen to be cleaned. So we would end up having one cup left, a plate, and no silverware. Open the door to their room and there’s all the dishes. Plates stacked on top of each other, mold growing on the dried up food. Yeah, not my idea of clean…..

So that was one of the many reasons why I got the hell out of that house.

The most interesting reason, well, here’s the fun part.

Soooooooo, me being the horn bastard and pervert that I am, I am DTF(Down To Fuck). The girl that lived downstairs with her bf, little a lot bit of a slut. When the relationship was good, she’d flirt with me with her eyes, licking her lips. When the relationship wasn’t so good, she turned it up. Kissing me, grabbing my dick, pressing her ass up against my raging hard cock pushing through my sweatpants…… ahem.

So, they were having problems for a bit, and she kept teasing and teasing. But I was getting sick of it. So I gave her the ultimatum, knock it off or take the pants off. She chose to take her pants off ;D

Pounded it out on their bed, and I don’t think he knows to this day. Dick move? Maybe a bit, but that’s why you shouldn’t be a dick to your room mates. They’ll fuck your girlfriend.

Needless to say, as soon as she realized that she had a made a mistake, her attitude turned right around. Raging cunt! lol

Luckily enough, I don’t think I’m my room mate’s type now, so I don’t foresee those problems for this house ;D


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