Ask Sammy Rewind: Season 1 Episode 8

Hey Everybody! If you haven’t heard, I’ve got a YouTube web series called “Ask Samuel O’Toole”! This web series is regularly updated in the FREE videos section of the blog, along with all my other Behind The Scenes videos!

In this web series YOU, the fans, get the chance to ask me any question you want answered! I’ve had all kinds of awesome and crazy questions, but I’m always looking for new ones and some favorites to answer again! If you have got one you would like me to answer send it in! You can always e-mail your questions to

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Now, it’s not always just me! Sometimes I have guests who will also answer some of the questions you send in! So feel free to send in questions for them as well!

Now lets check out one of the previous episodes of “Ask Samuel O’Toole” in this week’s Ask Sammy Rewind!

What ever happened to @18inchesofthickblackcock ?! I’m a little upset that I lost him as a follower. I used to get a kick out of his….. hmmmmm, over zealous antics. Two five dollar words baby, 10 bucks! Woot! Uhhhh, wait, I think all that just canceled out the five dollar words.

I also shed my shoes and socks for my foot fans! Showing off the pink piggies ;D

I explain a bit about my tattoo and the link it has to one of my favorite movies, and then one of my long rambling explanations with lots of hand gestures…..

I also admit to being an indiscriminate ass hole, well, when I’m not too shy to say anything ;D

I really need more questions for Ask Samuel O’Toole so get to thinking, I want any and all questions! 😀

The Ask Samuel O’Toole series are also a great way to give me suggestions for things you would like to see done in a scene! If it’s funny enough, interesting enough, sexy enough, or dirty enough it just might catch my eye and make it happen!

That was the Ask Sammy Rewind episode of Ask Samuel O’Toole, I hope you all enjoyed it the second time around and especially if that was your first time!

Remember, you can ask questions to be answered by e-mailing me at or you can always check out past episodes of Ask Samuel O’Toole at the blog!

You can follow me on twitter at @samuelotoolexxx, or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel at, where you can get all the updates as soon as they’re uploaded!

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