Switch Up!

I think it’s now time for that reassuring blog post to let everyone know that I haven’t died, or been¬†assassinated, or coerced or manipulated in anyway to change the way that I write my blog posts.

It’s true, I still write my own blog posts! The only thing that has changed, is my outlook on the blog posts. I still enjoy doing them, I still add a personal bit of me into each of them. Just, not the whole thing is me blabbing about my day and how it went.

I decided that my blog post wasn’t just a great way to talk to people and show them what I do with my everyday life, but to reach out to people and let them know what’s happening with what supports my life and is a very important part of my life. My scenes with NextDoor Studios, produced for you guys the fans.

There are many ways to get in touch with me and experience my personality and who I am, not just through my writings in my blog. In fact, there are a few quite more interesting ways.

Normally on Mondays I write a blog post about a past Ask Samuel O’Toole episode, which is my YouTube webisode where fans, like you, with an internet connection, and an e-mail account, like you. Can e-mail me questions or ask me questions on Twitter and I’ll answer them all for you guys! Personally, I feel it’s a little more interactive than just reading my ramblings of BS that spill out of my brain and onto the keyboard…..


You know what’s even better than the webisodes? My weekly web cam shows! There’s two a week, soon to be three a week! You know what’s even better than reading the ramblings of BS that spill out of my brain and onto the keyboard? Getting a live and direct answer from me in a cam chat. Not only do you get to ask me a question, and I’m live, answering it right there on your computer screen in front of you, but I’m naked.

I could be writing this right now with the biggest dildo you’ve ever seen in your live in my ass, and you would be none the wiser as to how much of a bottom slut I am.

So don’t get too upset that I’m no longer filling a page with¬†ramblings, and rejoice in the fact that you now have a venue to discover all the different ways to get a better interaction with me and the new things happening on the samuelotoole.com site. Besides, now most of my blog posts have pictures and videos. In this consumer life style we all know we’d rather stare at a picture or video rather than text ;D

Well, I hope you guys look forward to the next blog post this week, coming out on Wednesday.

I’m going to introduce you guys to one of my favorite scenes in the NextDoor Studios network!

See you at my cam show tonight at 5PM PST www.samuelotoole.com

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