It’s almost time!

So soon! So soon! The NextDoor FleshJacks are due to launch October 5th!!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super stoked for this. It’s crazy how fast it’s all happening! It seems like yesterday I was in Texas getting molded, well, in reality it all went down in August which isn’t too far away.

So yes! Soon you will be able to try and take my fat dicked dildo, pound my tight ass, or throat fuck my voluptuous lips! Shit’s gonna be crazy! Send pics of you using them to and we’ll see if we can’t get a post for you guys!

New direction! October, one of my favorite months. I can’t get over the season change, the atmosphere, the mysticism that surrounds October and Halloween. Pretty soon leaves will be turning, and falling, and clogging up rain gutters, and you’re going to be stuck on a ladder in the rain digging up decomposed leaves so the gutters don’t get ripped off the house……

Can you tell I’ve been there before? lol

But! Aside from all that, I do love the month of October. Plus, a week after Halloween is my birthday! Yep, November 6th is my birthday, which makes me a Scorpio. Probably why I’m such a sex freak ;D

Speaking of being a sex freak, I’ve got a friend who really likes pre cum and cum. So I’ve been having a blast lately sitting at home and milking the pre cum from my cock. I’ll have a steady stream of it dripping from the head to the base of my dick. It gets so wet, I don’t even need lube. Plus the pre cum is so gooey, it’s just the right consistency, but super sticky! lol

I can’t wait till we get to hang out together! Yeah, it hasn’t happened like that yet. 🙁 But! When it does, I’m gonna be so horny, I probably won’t even need to stroke my dick to get the pre cum out. I’ll be so horny it’ll just be dripping from cock, I’m going to stand over them and let it ooze and drip into their mouth.

Hey! Look who has a hard on! This guy! 😀 Do you have one yet?

If not, then you should swing by my site and check out my latest scene! It’s called Dick By The Foot, kind of a play on fruit by the foot. In case you were wondering…..

Some of you may recognize these studs in the scene with me, one from a previous scene of mine, and the other from some of the other NextDoor sites. Kyle Quinn and I have a previous scene where we fucked in my room during a party. That was a hot scene, and a blast to film! This scene is no different! We added Connor Maguire to the mix, and what a great mix it was! These two guys together were a great combo, and a blast to work with. Up for anything, these guys helped take this scene to the next level and make it a hot one, all for you guys!

Kyle Quinn, man, that ass! I’d have to say he has one of the most muscular and fit asses I’ve seen! The next would definitely be Christopher Daniels from The Soothing Touch!

Well, if you’re not hard by now, then you must not be a fan of porn…..

I hope you guys all enjoyed this blog post, and I’m looking forward to the October 5th launch of the NextDoor FleshJacks! Let me know how you guys like them!

Oh! The CyberSocket Awards are coming soon! Voting starts October 24th, I’ll keep you guys updated so you can help support the network that makes my site, and all the other sites you love possible!

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