Folsom Street Fair and Pulling Teeth

Well, not together.

Had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday, so I’ve been sitting at home comatose with my face hurting. Kinda shitty, but hey, it had to be done, right? Right? It’s pretty rough, I have to admit. Not so much the pain. Everyone said it was going to hurt a lot worse afterwards than it did, but hey, I’m a tough cookie.

But yeah, had all 4 pulled Tuesday morning, then Wednesday morning flew to LA for Cocktails with The Stars, which by the way was super fun, then Thursday morning flew back to SF, and Thursday evening I went to school. Sooooo, I’ve had a pretty crazy week so far. Oh! and then Folsom is on Sunday!

Checked the weather yesterday, and uhhhh, yeah, supposed to rain on Sunday. During the Folsom Street Fair.

Now, I’d be worried about that IF, I hadn’t gone to Market Days in Chicago. When we were at Market Days we had a nice storm come ripping through the event, flood our tent, and we somehow managed to keep everything dry-ish enough and continued on with the show for the rest of the day!

Sooooo, we here at NextDoor Studios, we’re survivors. We’re like the Marines, do what you can with what you have….. or something like that. I dunno, I think it’s almost every branch of military that seems to adopt that motto even when some of them have the better funding.

Anyways, I’m no soldier, lets stray away from military politics 😀

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah! Getting my teeth pulled!

So yeah, first couple of days I’d wake up in the morning feeling like someone had hammered screw drivers into my jaw while I was sleeping. Which, I have to say, is not that great of a feeling. Hence the comatose portion of my days. Luckily enough they gave me some vicodin to help me get through the day, but most importantly to help me eat.

The shitty part, even with the pain meds, I’m still on a mostly mushy/liquid food diet. I’ve been surviving off of protein shakes this week so far. I’m craving solid foods so bad…… I want a hamburger. Pretty sure I’ve lost like 4 lbs. already. On the plus side, I am getting pretty lean.

In N Out burgers, first stop Monday. Second stop you ask? The gym. Yep, haven’t been able to work out since the teeth got pulled. The doctor didn’t want me raising my blood pressure working out, which would result in my BP pushing the blood clots out and causing some unfortunate bleeding and another doctor visit.

But, this means I’m all amped up with no way of venting any kind of excess energy or frustration……. Had to lay off the coffee this week 😀

Sooooo, Folsom tomorrow and hopefully a solid food gym filled week coming up!

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