Head Colds and Hand Grenades

Uggh, my sinuses feel like someone just shot some of that expanding foam crap all inside of them! Yes, a head cold, or the flu, however you feel like describing it. (Insert name here) knows that every Doctor, parent, and individual has an interpretation as to what a flu or colds’ actual symptoms are. Me, I don’t really care as long as I don’t die, and I get better. I know, pretty simple goals when I’m sick.

Apparently, that is the common cold bacteria somehow turned in to a cute, little, soft, snuggly……. ahem, excuse me. I think it’s the beady black eyes. Still, pretty clever gift idea for someone who likes this sort of stuff 😀


That’s the link to check out the other awesome little bacteria and viruses they’ve got going on there. I don’t think the stuffed animals come with the actual infection, so we should be good there.

But! I do have to say, if it were those cute little blue guys that were making me sick, and they were actually that size….. I’d be curb stomping the shit outta those little blue bitches. I can not wait for this to be over lol Nice and congested in the sinuses, yet still have a runny nose, achey body was a couple of days ago, stiff still, and the wonderful head ache that accompanies all this. Soooooo, needless to say I’ve been hiding out at home for my own health recovery and we don’t want others getting sick.

Yep, been cocooned in bed, watching cocoon…… Just kidding, still haven’t seen that movie.

I did watch A LOT of Weeds episodes on NetFlix though 😀

Oooooooooo, ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Pretty awesome looking, huh?! Never feels that great though! This my friends, is the flu virus. Nasty little SOB, yep, he’s the one who makes you puke your guts out. Now, normally I would be totally down to post a picture of someone puking all over, but, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So I refrained 😀

Yeah, working as an EMT and doing all the pre requisites for it kinda diminished my susceptibility to vomiting everywhere. Susceptibility, hmmmmm, $7 word?

You know why I really don’t like being sick?

It isn’t the way I feel physically. It’s not the aches, pains, runny nose, congestion, lack of sleep, appetite problems, any of that.

It’s the being forced to do nothing part. You recover and heal a lot faster the more you sleep and rest, but that’s not me.

I’d rather be hitting the gym everyday this past week rather than sitting at home, “resting”.

My “rest” days usually consist of me doing a bunch of abs and pushups and pull ups for a work out. Yeah, so this REAL rest thing, kinda killing me.

Wait, what? Rest….. is killing you?

Well, metaphorically speaking…….


Well, I think that’s enough of me rambling around like, well, me.

Sooooo, if you’ve been wondering why I kinda disappeared this week, that’s the reason 😀 Been a little pre occupied, you guys wouldn’t be the only ones wondering where I went lol

Until next time!


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