Bearly Fur Real

Oh Shit! He went there! Uh, I mean, I Went There! Yes, that is me in a furry costume 😀 Well, not as intense as some that I’ve seen, but I still think it’s pretty good ;D The suit actually belongs to one of our videographers, who wore it at a couple of Burning Man events. So, of course when presented with the opportunity to don such an amazing little outfit, I sunk my teeth right into it…..  Pun intended.

Now, some of the pictures I look at them and I think, “Wow, how did they talk me into that.” and others I look at and think “Yeah! That suit totally rocked!”. This picture, that suit totally rocked 😀

I got better odds of sucking my own tail than my dick, my tail is longer……

Anyways, the scene, the general story guideline is I got a job at the local high school as a mascot, explains the strange bear suit, and then I talk about the football and cheer leading coach getting it on, so of course I have to jerk off which explains the erection in the bear suit. But in reality we all know I’m just a horny, dirty guy, and any excuse to jerk off, I’ll do it. What? You don’t?

That suit makes my bush look bigger than it is. Would you rim a bear’s ass? Not the big burly men, I mean like a real bear? Excuse me, just gagged a bit in my mouth. Not often I gross myself out with something lol Would you rim me in the bear suit? Not too gross of an idea…..

Damn, that’s a veiny dick shot, you can even see the vein on my thigh! lol

Oh no he didn’t! Yep, I just posted a soft dick photo.

Well, ok, you can have a nice hard on shot ;D

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this scene, I know it was a little crazy and off the wall. So please leave some good feedback for me!

Until next time!


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