Yeah, I know that’s not how you spell it. Just like I know how to spell smart, like Homer Simpson. S-M-R-T. Old school Simpson’s episode πŸ˜€

Ahhhhh, college. Spend a bunch of money for a piece of paper that says that you’ve sat through enough college classes. I need to start a school. Sell some valuable paper.

It’s kind of like when you think about it, money, is worth more than the materials it’s represented with. Except for pennies and nickels, it actually costs more to make them than they’re worth. I know, shitty fact.

Anyways, College.

Finally on my way back, I drew out this whole “finish up the classes I need to transfer” thing, and spread it out a couple of semesters. Took a semester off because I thought I had everything, applied to 2 schools, got into one, denied at the other. The school I wanted denied me, turns out I didn’t have a class required to transfer. Uhhhh, hello, guidance counselor, isn’t that why I go to you? Since you know more about this whole transferring to other schools thing than I do?

Guess not ;D

So, here I am taking a math class, Finite Mathematics, which is basically a slowed down version that brushes over basic material, but applies it to practical applications. Basically it’s a word problem course.

Whoooo, so excited. At least it’ll be easy, but since it’s the only class I’m taking this semester, I was hoping it’d challenge me a bit. You know, stress the nerves. πŸ˜€

Yeah, I’m kind of a math geek.

One of the questions I’m asked most often when mentioning school, do you get recognized by students?! Next most often, do you get recognized by your Instructor?!

No, and no. I’m a pretty low key person, a lot of people are surprised to find that out. When I’m at the gym, or school, I’m not really Β the one who’s out there talking to a bunch of people. I look at the two of those almost like jobs, but they’re jobs for me. I work out to better myself and my health, plus it’s fun and it’s also kind of part of my porn job. But that’s down to business/me time. Same with school, school betters me, I don’t go there to talk. I go there to learn, or review material I’ve already learned for a semester ;D

If you do feel the need to come say hi to me in school, or at the gym, please be tactful and respectful about it. Let’s not yell out things that make people stare. πŸ˜€

If you find me at Target, or Best Buy, or the grocery store, I’m fair game. I’m probably bored off my ass as it is lol Unless you see me with people that could look like my parents, then definitely off limits. My parents know I do porn, and they’re OK with it, but it’s just that, they’re OK with it. I’m not trying to shove things in their face, so please be respectful of them.

Well, now that we’ve cleared that up ;D

Sorry for making this seem like such a serious blog post! Maybe this will help ;D

Well, I’ll leave you with that lol The picture I was going to post, I decided to Edit out!

Until next time,


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