Day Glo Fuck Party

Well, if you haven’t been paying attention to the colorful ensembles I put together, then this scene will be quite a surprise for you. If you have been, then you’ve probably been wondering why it has taken me so long to get a scene like this going. 😀

Here it is! The Day Glo Fuck Party! A “glowing” scene with the very sexy DJ Porn Star, Dominic Pacifico! First, let me say this about Dominic, very, very sweet guy. Super nice, I had a blast working with him.

So, Dominic actually is a DJ, I wasn’t calling him DJ Porn Star for nothing! Lol So I figured he’d appreciate my quirky idea of loading up the set with black lights and throwing in a bunch of UV reactive paints, and water. Wait, water? Yep, water.

Sooooo, how does one create UV reactive water? Well, one must buy hi-liters, and have some gloves handy too. Some nitrile, latex, or rubber gloves. You don’t want the hi-liter concentration on you. It has a tendency of staining lol

The science experiment begins. Pop the cap off the hi-liter, the one on the bottom. Be careful, you can hurt yourself doing this. I used a pair of needle nose pliers to pull it off. Once you have that cap off, pull out the fiber element, the colorful stick thing in there. Next you’re going to want to slice it long ways down the side, this allows the element to “bleed”. Toss the element into a container, I used spray bottles since I wanted to spray it in the scene. I’ve seen people put them into 2 liter bottles and empty alcohol bottles. Then add water. The element bleeds the UV reactive solution into the water, diluting it. Take the element out after a couple of hours, the longer it stays in, the higher the concentration, the more vibrant the colors will be.

I wanted the colors to be super vibrant, so I left them in for over 24 hrs.

Anyways, you didn’t come here for a science lesson, you came here for naked guys fucking! ;D

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